The year 2020 is the year a lot of people thought 2012 would be. It’s been a wild crazy ride. Starting with the president of The USA almost starting WW3 with Iran to the Pope slapping a lady or is it Kobe Bryant dying? The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus to a global pandemic and to top it all off we lost a black icon in the person of Chadwick Boseman back in September.

Majority of the world has been cooped up at home since February and being on mandatory lockdown for over 8 months does a lot to a person mentally. If you doubt me ask those at ADX; the maximum-security prison in the Rockies of Colorado. Now is a good time as any to take a solo vacation away from everything.

Solo Baecation

It goes without saying that for everyone, the success of your first solo trip determines the outcome of future solo vacations to come. It is suggested that your first solo trip should be to a country where there is no language barrier and the terrain is easy to traverse. This ensures a “no hassle” vacation and also gives you a better chance of meeting people and appreciating the culture and traditions of the country you intend to visit. There are two major ways of taking a solo trip: With a group or completely solo without a tour guide. Going on a solo trip as part of a group is easier but going completely solo gives a much more immersive experience. 

Solo Baecation

The most important consideration when making solo travel plans is safety. The peace of mind that comes with the assurance that you are safe can never be overestimated. Below is a list of countries which have been reviewed by multiple independent sources as not just being safe but also recommended for solo travel for various reasons.

  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Switzerland
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • New Zealand
  • France
  • Argentina
  • Croatia
Solo Baecation

We have some tips for newbies in the solo travel lifestyle

  • Your safety is paramount; carry your government issued ID and legal papers on you always. 
  • Make sure your travel arrangements are air tight. Flights, airport pickups, hotel accommodations, etc. 
  • Always make sure to travel with a complete list of your food allergies and your medication
  • Make sure to note the address of your consulate in the country of your vacation
  • Take a spare of everything; better safe than sorry
  • Take travel guides and translation guides if the language of the country you are visiting is unfamiliar to you.
Solo Baecation
  • Keep your emergency contacts in a visible place in your wallet or purse
  • It would be wise to invest in a GPS tracker which would ping your locations regularly and also get a power pack for your devices.
  • Taking in the sights and scenes. Don’t’ be in a rush. Reconnect with yourself
  • Always keep some snacks handy as you leave your accommodation

We wish you the best and make sure you have fun on your first solo vacation.

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