There’s a lot of noise about the new world order- I mean the Covid-19 pandemic and how most of the world is on lockdown. Most of us find ourselves spending the day in PJs and some other small groups are playing dress up online for various virtual events and challenges. 

Now we want to think post Coronavirus pandemic. We daresay we speak for the rest of the country when we hope this lockdown caused by the pandemic ends soon so we can all get back to living our lives as we know it.

Now, going outside means going back to work. It can be really  hard dressing up for work when it’s rainy especially if you don’t own a car in Lagos. You’d have wet feet squishing around in soggy shoes or have to go to work barefoot if you loose your pair to flood.

This kind of situation is definitely at the top of 1000 ways to ruin your workday list. We would generally recommend rain boots but they aren’t exactly stylish and we are sure you don’t want to be a laughing stock just because you want to be safe.

So don’t fret! Glazia’s got you. We are going to be teaching you how to be safe and stylish as you return to work this rainy season. 

  • Chelsea boots
Shoes for Rainy Season - Glazia

These boots are really cool and edgy. You can usually rock them with denim or leather. Wearing this, you’d be strolling into the office looking bad ass and with the confidence of a movie hero! There are different designs of this shoe at your local markets or online shopping platforms. Find them and get them ready!

  • Chic ballet flat
Shoes for Rainy Season - Glazia

This shoe is equally a bad ass. However, the major perks of the shoe is that it’s made from synthetic materials. It has non slip soles and micro-beads that massage your feet as you walk. How cool is that? Not only are your feet protected from messy puddles, they get a massage as well. You can rock these pairs with gowns, skirts, pant suits, jeans etc.

  • Wedges
Shoes for Rainy Season - Glazia

If you are a fan of heels and wedges or generally work in an environment where it is required, you can totally rock these. You think you can’t rock them this season? Fear not for these jelly beauties are here for you. These ones have ankle straps and synthetic soles. There are different colours and styles of these shoes, so you can buy the type that suits you. They’d look perfect on skirts, gowns and jeans.

  • Colourful flats
Shoes for Rainy Season - Glazia

These pairs are much more rampant in the market and stores than any of the above. They are mostly monochromatic and devoid of embellishments. They serve as a substitute for your real shoes for this season. You can keep what you intend to put on in your bag so when you get to the office, you just swap. These pairs suit any outfit but it’s better to get a colour that will universally match your outfits like black, navy blue, brown, white, chestnut etc

  • Jewelled flats
Shoes for Rainy Season - Glazia

Incase you aren’t a fan of swapping your rain flats at work for your intended shoe, this jeweled option is definitely for you. You remain a princess while protecting your feet from messy puddles and when you get to work. You can get this at your local stores or you can buy the colorful flats and accessorize as you please. Pair these with gowns, skirts, jeans, pants.

I hope you learnt one or two things from this, tell us the type of shoes you love to put on this rainy season. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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