“Crisis is what suppressed pain looks like; it always comes to the surface. It shakes you into reflection and healing.” ― Bryant McGill

As much as there are physical and economic consequences of this virus, there are also Mental and emotional consequences. While this is something most people especially Africans don’t like to talk about, it has to be addressed. A healthy mind will help a healthy body function optimally and either of the two cannot exist independently.

DAY 5 – Binge Watch a Netflix Comedy With Friends And Discuss

They say laughter is the best medicine, aint that the truth? Norman Cousins said it and we recommend it to change your perspective of being home isolated and or quarantined.

Today’s challenge is to Binge watch a Netflix Comedy with friends and discuss. This is hardly a challenge or don’t you agree? If you share a Netflix account with your friends, it would be so much easier. All you have to do is pick a movie or series amongst yourselves, pick a time and watch. Then you can discuss at the end of each episode or movie.

This can even get more interesting if you are all are on a zoom call, WhatsApp video call or facetime while watching the movie. These communication apps have made things easier because you can add as many people on a WhatsApp video call and the cost for zoom videos have been reduced because of the pandemic. Great news!

A few tips to make this even better;

  1. Have a few snacks ready for this experience (You can even have a snack per movie)
  2. Designate a space in your house or room for this experience. If you live with people, you might want to be secluded because you will be laughing a lot, right?
  3. Have on comfortable clothes depending on the weather and what comfort means to you
  4. Make sure you pick a really good movie/ series to watch. Also make sure your choice is unanimous. You can even create a WhatsApp group or Facebook group to decide and discuss
  5. Some movie/ series recommendations include; i) the classic “Friends” ii) Murder Mystery iii) Big mouth iv) Sex Tape v) Archer vi) Grown-ups and a lot more
  6. Ensure there are ; No distractions

Rest assured that after this exercise, your spirit will be lifted and hope will definitely return to your heart. Please let us know how the challenge went in the comments or on your social media with the hashtag #GlazingHealth and challenge other people.


Glazia is thrilled to bring you the Glazing Health challenge! Starting from the 6th of April, the 14-Day Glazing Health Challenge has been designed to keep your spirit, body and mind in optimal form. Are you ready to be transformed? Click Here to join and receive our daily letters
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