It’s another Saturday and we like to bring you stories that will keep you in that relaxed weekend mood. For those of you who are lounging with a drink, isn’t life good with you? you’re going to enjoy today’s feature so well.

If you are on the move like us, you can join in the fun as well, just whip out your smartphones and tablets and you’re good to go.

Today, we’re obsessing over Elie Saab! The dresses are so beautiful, we can’t get them off our minds and we thought to share. See some of the lovely dresses we picked off the Elie Saab Runway – Paris Fashion Week – Haute Couture S/S 2014:

we cannot wait to see these amazing gowns on the celebs.These gowns would totally come in handy this  award season either for the awards, pre-award parties or even award after-parties (free marketing from us Ellie Saab *wink*). The Grammys are almost here, who’s going to be wearing Elie Saab? see our top picks from the collection + suggestions:

Simple& Spectacular: This is an Oscar worthy gown, it could also serve as a bride’s wedding reception dress. tres fab!
Would work on major award red-carpets.. what a beaut
Hello Slit-lovers, here’s how it is done.
Beautiful colour, nothing about this dress will give you the blues… exquisite 
Truly belongs on the red-carpet of the best awards. There’s something about this gown that we love. daring and yet angelic.. Hey Kristen Stewart, we can picture you wearing this.
*sigh* perfect for movie première, attending weddings or special events. Uber sophisticated&classy , but not to be worn with shoes like those.
ooh, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman can you see this? we adore!
Need we say more?
This has the right amount of poofy and drama to it.. hello gorgeous!

The dresses are all simple and elegant. A statement that is lacking in many celeb wardrobe.. most times, simple does it with a bang!
what are your top picks and is there any celeb you picture wearing these gowns?

photos: Ellie Saab / Tuokpe Idundun

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