Since this past weekend, we have been seeing some really daring stage outfits from artistes. It seems they are in a competition of who would dare to bare the most. We are bringing you pictures from the bare to the  barest! we wonder what artistes will be wearing in the future if this trend continues

This list wouldn’t be complete without RiRi would it? right now even Rihanna looks very decent when compared to the others. Rihanna making a men’s RAF T-shirt look very sexy as she performed in Singapore on Sunday, Sept the 22nd.

Jessie J at the iTunes festival in Camden on Monday( 23rd) Night

Jessie J, who  is known to have criticized fellow female artistes on their risque dressing on stage, is seen rocking this sheer number. Although decent by other standards, we have also seen her wearing worse whilst performing. e.g panties that barely covered her butt, etcetera. 

Making a leotard look dressy, Rihanna did it and now it seems it is now an acceptable way to dress *sigh*

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What is the bulge on her crotch area? not gonna lie, she looks good but can they start wearing dresses, skirts and pants please?! cover up!

Ke$ha perfoming on stage at the iheartRadio concert in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

And the barest of them all is the  “twerk queen” herself, Miley Cyrus! sorry,  Hanna Montana doesn’t live here anymore. What we have now is butt slapping, tongue sticking, nipple baring Miley and she’s loving every moment of it!

Truly a wrecking ball… Miley grabs her butt as she performs on the iHeartRadio Concert on Saturday afternoon in Las Vegas. wish someone would let her know her butt really isn’t cute and she should spare us and stop baring.

oh yeah? happy singing away wearing fishnets and nipple pasties at the concert

hoping the madness stops soon.. at the end of the day, it’s her life and she seems to be getting good publicity off of it and loving it. I mean, we’re talking about her aren’t we? her video “Wrecking Ball” broke records on YouTube due to the madness didn’t it? whatever works. we are still praying for you..
In the end, it was a woman who is known for her ladylike dress sense (Kerry Washington) that was named Best Dressed Woman in the World… go figure.
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