New Awards on the block and making waves on social network, The Rotten Lemon Awards must be feeling like Oprah these past couple of days. We can’t help but imagine them screaming in Oprah’s voice : “You get a  rotten lemon, you get a rotten lemon, every brand providing poor services gets a rotten lemon!”

 It takes effort to make cash to spend, every customer deserves the right to good service; after all they paid for it. The Rotten Lemon Awards is an advocacy firm for the consumer, helping clients who truly desire seamless service experiences.We decided to flip the traditional awards model and give bad service providers the “worst award” –  A representative said. 

So far, Arik Air, MTN and Airtel have received the most criticism from the brand’s questionings on their twitter handle @RottenLA . Some of the replies are actually very hilarious and you could tell these brands must have given the customers some real awful experiences. 

To know more about Rotten Lemon Awards or nominate brands for some basket of rotten lemons, visit Rotten Lemon Awards

Search the hashtag, #RottenLemonNG to follow the campaign on twitter and read some of the funny replies. 
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