Okada and Keke Ban

Firstly, I’d like to say that the recent ban on tricycles and motor cycle without prior notice or alternative means of transport was a gross miscommunication defect on the part of the government and they need to fix it!

February 1st 2020 keke and bikes were banned in Lagos Nigeria. This was done as earlier mentioned, without any alternative. So everybody was trekking to school, work, and church. I started thinking about my entire existence and how I will survive this because I work at Ikeja and VI.  So this means, it will be walking on steroids for me, unless an alternative shows up.

On Monday mornings, I go to my office in Ikeja day. That very Monday, I had already started the walk from Allen bustop to my office in my head when I got saved. My neighbor was heading to Ikeja that morning. This way, I didn’t have to walk, oh the joy! This joy didn’t last long, because at 5:30pm the walk to Allen bustop began.

I finally made it to the bustop and let’s just say the crowd I saw waiting for a bus was scary.

Lagos bans Okada and Keke

A bus heading to Obalende finally came at past 7pm but I couldn’t rush (health reasons). So, I waited and by past 8pm, two buses came at once. We all got in and off we went to Obalende after paying 400 naira instead of 300naira

We made it to Obalende by 9:30pm, traffic and all. It was now time to get a bus heading for Ajah. There was this bus conductor that was yelling Ajah bustop 500naira. People of God, I had only 350 with me so I started begging buses for 300 to Agungi. So the 50 will take me to my house, but conductors refused. I decided to order an Uber, the price was 2500. Oh well, it was getting late and I didn’t know anyone around there. I ordered the uber and was waiting for my ride, when my phone went off. Yes… my village people were working overtime.

I saw a Mallam nearby with a charger nearby and so I begged him to help me charge my phone and he said no. I didn’t know when I started crying because I was now stranded, no bus, no phone and no money. So I stood confused, tired, hungry and angry.

At 10:00 pm a bus came and said 400 Naira to Ajah. So I begged the conductor for 300 and explained my situation. He allowed me to enter and I literally flew in the bus. I got to my bustop at 10:40 pm; I struggled to enter a keke at the bustop junction. It was amazing because I didn’t see myself walking home alone at night.

This has been the norm for a while now? How long will I continue to work like this?

Lagos State, Eko as it is fondly called is the modern day “Westeros” amongst the 36 states of Nigeria in this 21st Century generation. Compared to its size on the map, Lagos houses the most businesses in Nigeria as well as over 21 million people. All of these individuals are not all from the bubbling city but it is their experiences that make them part of Eko.

Glazia’s Lagos experience column was created to bring the vast diversity of the Lagos population together through true stories of its bonified citizens. This will help those who do not dwell here, experience first-hand the life in Lagos and build a community of Lagosians through experiences.

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