Some big named celebs made the worst dressed list at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. Without further ado, here are the one who made us cringe or say “Uh-Oh!”
For someone with a such a beautiful body, face ,skin and hair like Kim Kardashian; she should never be found on the worst dressed list but here she is in Balmain. she’s been rocking with Balmain but the collaboration failed this time. everything was an EPIC FAIL! 
Amber Rose: Just speechless and puzzled at this horrible look. What was she thinking? Please don’t look at the tummy..  Kanye must have given an epic rant watching his wife and Ex fail woefully on the red carpet. This is not good for Yeezus 
Ariana Grande: Leather in that weather? plus can you just stop it with the go-go boots darling?!
Charli XCX: Makes us want to roar like the lion Katy Perry Sang about 
Chloe Moretz: sweet girl but this is what you wear for a casual business lunch not an award 

Two for the price of one: Katy Perry and Riff Raff help us rel-live the Britney and Justin Timberlake denim horror. Made us laugh though, love the fun in it but you still stay here in the worst dressed list. 
Natalie Gal: Uh-Oh! 
Rita Volk: left confused 
Taylor Swift: The Country singer has been revealing a more daring style lately but this just looks ill fitting and the cut is kind off. Love the shoes though and we love your new song “Shake It Off”so you can just shake being on this list off.

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