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Welcome back to Money Talk, where we get candid about money and how we should spend or save it. How was your holiday? Was your December detty? Let me know in the comment section.

This table I am about to shake, you have to balance on it if not you might fall and break your neck.  After Detty December what next?

After saving up the entire year to attend all your favorite celebrities’ concerts or traveling to Dubai and doing all the shopping there is and taking “peng” pictures; reality comes at you in the form of January especially the second week. you realize that there is house rent, light bill, children’s school fees, etc. You start remembering people who are owing you and finding ways to manage the little cash you have left (if you are lucky to have any).

I am just like you. Last week I realized all the expenses I had to cater to and I had a panic attack for a minute. After recovering from that, I came up with-

5 ways you and I can survive this drought and even manage your finances going  forward :

Detty December
5 things to after Detty December
  1. Ever heard of a Budget plan?

Wipe your tears, empty all your pockets and calculate how much you have left.  After that, you put down all your expenses for the remaining part of the long January.  Calculate how much they cost, if they can be reduced, reduce them. Take away anything that is not immediate or important to keep the pressure away. This is so you can stop beating yourself up or regretting your Detty December enjoyment because let’s face it, you worked hard all year and you need to celebrate your life.

  1. What are your 2020 investment goals?

After making your budget, did you have some change? Hope you are not thinking of flexing that one too oh? My dear go through this column to find articles that talks about saving and investing/ investments. How to begin, even though you might not know much about all that stuff. We are all moving forward this year; you don’t want to find yourself in this same position after Detty December next year, do you?

Also, if your company gives 13th month, you don’t want to be splurging and then crying woes in February. Your January salary too should be split to save for the rainy day because trust me when I say rainy days will come.

There are simple, short term investments that can bring you pretty high returns in a short period of time. There are now really lucrative agro-partnerships that have potentials to not only help you make money, but support agriculture in the country. But remember, if it’s too good to be true, it most likely isn’t.  It’s important to educate yourself as regards investment and also seek trusted professional help.

  1. Take the edge off, but consciously

I know what you might be thinking; this girl doesn’t want me to enjoy abi? It’s true, this life you can’t kill yourself. So please while making your budget for the month, you can add money for Flenjo but don’t go overboard. For instance, if you want to hang out on Friday with friends, do so maybe once in 2 weeks as against every Friday. Pick restaurants that aren’t too pricey, make sure you are not over spending on your outings or going to every function you have been invited to.

Remember, you have food at home.

  1. No pressure, leave Instagram people alone!

This is 2020 guys, please know that financial freedom and independence as well as wealth acquisition takes time, patience and discipline. The people/ celebrities you see on Instagram, you have no idea what their life or finances are like. Please do not feel pressured to be or act like them especially when it comes to spending money. If not, by the time you do more than your capabilities, your account balance will start threatening you, “if you move an inch, I disgrace you!”.

Be self-aware and be very conscious of your financial capabilities. Do not put yourself in compromising financial situations. Like Jay Z said, “If you can’t buy it twice, it means you can’t afford it” … look away! You’re welcome to my Ted Talk.

Also ensure that you’re not emptying your account to buy anything, if it’s not an asset, it will always end in tears and regret.

  1. Tame your impulses

I know, I know, everything is tempting these days. You go for a walk and next thing you know, you are spending 10k you didn’t plan for. It’s even worse on Instagram as everyone is selling something now. Once you click on a profile just to “check it out”, Instagram starts filling your TL with similar items because from their analytics, it is something you like. My dear friends, please tame your impulses. Remember your budget and investment goals/ plans. Do not let the pleasure of the now disrupt the future.

Always remember to be self-aware and financially alert especially on social media or when you are going on that “stroll”.

Lastly, I want to say a big thank you to all those who take out time to learn and grow with me financially on this column. We will learn and grow more in 2020.

Hustle oh! So that after you do Detty December this year, January 2021 or even February 2020 will not stress you.

Lots of love and light…


About The Writer

Benedicta Omoruyi is a professional security and investment officer (CIS), marketer and technical evangelist. She is a fierce writer, content creator, investment enthusiast and advocate, and an all round creative female. She writes weekly for Glazia on the column, Money Talk. 


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