CALL 911 PLEASE!! TOO MUCH HOTNESS IN ONE PHOTO: All the ladies look lovely and smoky but we can’t take our eyes off Nia Long and Sanaa Lathan, OMG! what are these ladies eating? They are sizzling! can you wait for The Best Man 2? we can’t! Definitely need to pick up a copy of the magazine don;t you think?

These two are balling! can we call it Melvin/Beverly fever? (yes, we have it too and apparently, so does Complete Fashion). Beverly is too sexy in this photo but we are not so in love with the make-up, I mean we have seen Beverly do better make-up for herself at the Big brother house. Unless, of course the artists were going for drama. Melvin *whew*, we can see why all those girls were all over and loving you at the BBA house, yes we see… HA! Mel and Bev are truly models, that’s all we can say… HOT, HOT.SMOKING HOT you guys. Another mag to pluck off the shelves people.. need to read and also enjoy the beautiful views. 

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