For the second quarter edition of the magazine, we looked to Mother Nature for inspiration and guidance and boy, did she deliver! As much as we want to always move forward, it is important to look back for a bit; especially in the fast paced world we live in today. We must learn to look up from our many gadgets, big dreams etc. and pause… really just go back to the basics and look at some of the principles, ideas and practices that provided the foundation for our ancestors on which we stand today. The world is going to get even faster paced, but how can we apply some old principles and tricks without losing our modern-ness?  Visit the Glazia Store to get the magazine now. Click Here 

Waje wears nude lace two-piece by Nigerian designer, Amy Aghomi

Watch Behind the Scenes with women’s wear designer, Amy Aghomi at Photo-shoot with Waje

Waje wears aquamarine green dress from Enthyst Fashion Klinik.

So, whether it’s the beautiful photos from our cover shoot with singer, Waje or Maje Ayida’s column on deploying nature for fitness and wellness, or financial expert, Cornel Agwu sharing critical insights into money lessons he learned from farming, to Demi Bute in the Netherlands sharing why she started creating her own natural beauty products to healthy meals you do not have to cook to Olusegun WyCliff Alabi (Cliff Views) profiling the city of New York through beautiful images and more, you will find mother nature at the center of  everything in this edition. We are confident that you will not only love it, but will be inspired to open the door of your heart and welcome “natural living” in to help you do better and be better.

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Photographed by Cliff Views for Glazia

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