Night time skin care is usually more intense than the daytime due to the rough challenges, pollution and exposure to different surfaces our skin may have had to go through during the day. When the night comes, we want to rid our skin of these ‘foreigners’ but not at the detriment of maintaining a flawless skin. On some nights, the skin care may not be as intense as others – some steps would be skipped due to the intensity of the product, weather, skin condition or just to let our skin breathe. 

1. Makeup removal

Night time Beauty Routine

After a long day of slaying, it’s time to take it all off! Sleeping with makeup is a no-no because it will clog your pores and cause acne or any other skin condition. Use a makeup wipe to clean your makeup. Best to go for the ones rich in Aloevera and Vitamin E or baby wipes as they are moisturising and gentler on the skin. 

2. Cleansing  

Night time Beauty Routine

Using wipes doesn’t guarantee complete removal of your makeup – you need to cleanse. If you didn’t use makeup at all, then this will be your first step. Skin cleansers unlike bar soaps help to rid your skin of dirt without stripping it of its natural oils. There are makeup removing cleansers, cleansers for acne or blackheads, etc. The right way to cleanse your skin is in circular motions and not haphazardly. Use either a paper or microfiber towel to pat your face dry as they as gentle on the skin. 

3. Exfoliation 

Night time Beauty Routine

On the other hand, exfoliating goes deeper than cleansing as you’d have to use a exfoliant or exfoliating brush. Check out our DIY exfoliants for easy ones to make at home using ingredients from your kitchen. It is advisable to exfoliate two to three times a week and not more to prevent roughened skin. You’d need to cleanse first before exfoliating. Also exfoliate your lip to get rid of flakes, debris of lip products and also keep them looking soft and smooth thus preventing them from looking dull. 

3. Face Mask

Night time Beauty Routine

After exfoliating, your skin would need to recuperate from the process. Exfoliating leaves the skin stripped; moisturising is needed. Even if didn’t exfoliate, after cleansing, you’d still need to moisturize. Face masks are comfortable, soothing and relieving. They restore moisture and leave your skin feeling supple. Another great thing is that they come in so many skin-friendly flavours such as avocado, cucumber, pomegranate, aloe vera and so on. You could also try any these *DIY face masks* for home-made skin care products. Leave this on your face for 15 minutes and allow to sit. 

4. Under-eye mask

Night time Beauty Routine

One of the most obvious signs of stress or exhaustion is baggy or puffed eyes. Under-eye mask is a great fix for this so you don’t have to aged. You can simply wear them the same time you wear your face mask and then use you hand to massage it in afterwards. 

5. Toner

Night time Beauty Routine

A toner helps to restore your skin to its original complexion. Exposure to sun rays and various environmental pollution can change the tone of skin without one noticing. Toner does a factory reset to this balancing the skin’s PH. Some lovely examples of skin toners are rose water, aloe vera juice, honey, chamomile tea or products that contain any of these. 

7. Night cream 

Night time Beauty Routine

Night creams improves skin recovery and aids skin rejuvenation while you skin. It keeps you looking yourself. Skin experts advise that you select your night cream according to your age and skin type. Moisturising for dry skin, Oil-control for oily and Soothing for sensitive. Also apply a moisturising lip balm or lip cream to your exfoliated lips for extra softness and to prevent them from drying or cracking. 

8. Serum

Night time Beauty Routine

Serum are great for treating skin conditions deepening on what your focus is. There are hydrating serums, skin tightening serums and anti-acne serums. Remember to gently massage this on your skin. 

9. Oil

Night time Beauty Routine

Essentials oils help to seal in all that lovely treatment and moisture in your skin. They also help in combating skin conditions, nourish the skin with vitamins and prevent skin dryness. All you need is two or three drops of these powerful skin pals to tap into their benefits. Check out these essential oils know which to include in your night time routine. 

A night time routine for flawless skin goes further than a bath time. Also remember to change your pillow case every two days and bed sheet every week as well. 
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