“When it comes to weight loss, It is a diet that minimizes the intake of meat, eggs, dairy and processed junk, and maximizes the intake of fruits, vegetables, legumes like beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds, mushrooms — basically, real food that grows out of the ground. Those are our healthiest choices,” Dr. Greger – Clinical Nutritionist told TODAY.

“The strategy is to improve the quality of food rather than restricting the quantity of food, so it doesn’t leave you hungry. That’s a diet you can stick with. You get a boost of energy, better digestion, better sleep.”

The egg diet is a weight loss program that requires you to build at least one meal each day around the traditional breakfast staple. It is a low-calorie, high-protein plan designed to help you lose weight without losing muscle mass.

There are different versions of the egg diet, including an egg-only diet. In all variations of the plan, you’ll eat three meals a day with no snacks, and only water or zero-calorie beverages.

What Experts Say

“Eggs are little nuggets of nutrition, providing protein, choline, vitamin D, lutein and more, but the egg diet, on the whole, is low in carbs which can leave you hungry. Also, eating the same food over and over (like eggs for breakfast) can get boring for some, which can lead to non-compliance.”
—Kelly Plowe, MS, RD

In her YouTube video this week, Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun; a certified Nutritionist and fashion entrepreneur based in Austria, gives some insights on how to egg-diet for weight loss.

This video delves into egg and how you can go into egg diet and loose weight, especially if you are an egg lover. Anything from 2 weeks to a month is ample time to carry out this high protein diet.

Here’s the highlight of what the video said;
  • Ayo explains what it means to be on an egg diet. An egg diet is an high protein diet that basically includes you consuming more eggs than any other dish for weight loss. Before going into details, she wanted to make it known the fat you need to keep in mind about your eggs
  • Eggs are rich in protein and Vitamin B 12. It contains 12.5% of protein and that helps in major brain function such as memory, balance, decision making, etc.
  • Eggs are also rich in Vitamin D. If you are pregnant, it helps in the development of the fetus.
  • Eggs are rich in fatty acid that is good for your heart. They are also rich in Omega 3 acid.
  • Most of the nutrients are found in egg is found in the yoke and some of them include; Vitamin A (25% RDA), Vitamin D (36% RDA), Niacin (21% RDA), Folacin (25% RDA) and many more
  • She then made a note that Eggs are high in cholesterol with no fiber. So, when on an egg diet, you need to consume other foods with sufficient fiber in it.
  • Make sure you have a goal weight and keep it in mind when you embark on this journey and the period of time you want to lose it.
  • “Having 6 eggs per day is extreme egg diet and it is not recommended to do that” Ayo advised as she began the Q & A on Egg diet
  • Maximum 2 eggs daily for 3 months will be the right amount for a weight loss egg diet. Anything more than 2 eggs is not healthy and not recommended.
  • Any diet that tell you, you can lose so much weight in a very short and abrupt period of time.is usually not good for you.
  • Quick weight loss is usually equal to quick weight gain. You gain as easily as you lost
  • You need to consume carbohydrate rich in fiber like oats and oat meals alongside your eggs for a balanced diet
  • Avoid high sugar carbohydrate like rice, cassava and white flour. Consume food rich in protein like beans instead
  • No sweetened beverages. Only water and tea.
  • Avoid sugar fruits and vegetables and consume fruits like cucumbers, onion, spinach, tomatoes etc
  • Avoid red meat and consume only white meat and fish. Eggs have a high amount of cholesterol

Furthermore, Ayo advises anyone considering an egg diet to check with their doctor before embarking on one. Do let us know if you eventually do.

About the Writer 

Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun is the founder of Eat Right Africa and the Creative Director of popular fashion brand, Ayo Van Elmar. The trained nutritionist started the Eat Right Africa initiative “because she could no longer do nothing with her long acquired knowledge and initial professional background as a nutritionist.” Eat Right Africa aims to ignite a positive change in the mental attitude of Africans towards food and health.

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