The world is now turning into an entrepreneurial realm because people are starting to see the importance of being a business person especially in these times when value is highly expected and rewarded.

If you are looking to establish a business of your own but lack the ideas to do so, here is your chance! Just keep reading.

First of all, a good business to start right now, especially in this pandemic, depends on the daily needs of an average habitant in your town or state or even your estate. It will interest you to know that there is no good or bad business anywhere. Hence any idea below will thrive well in your town and city as long as what you are selling is targeted at the right people.

What Business Does Your Town / City Need?

Remember how we said a good business to start right now is one that solves a daily need? The question now is what does your town/city need this period the most?
So your ability to know and determine what your town, city or even your estate need will contribute to your business success. It can get tricky sometimes when you are trying to decide what business will thrive in your city. That being said, be informed that some of these small business ideas for rural areas entails risk and sacrifice.

Below are 5 businesses that can be a lucrative source of income, during and post COVID 19.
Tutoring – Using Technology.

The corona virus has restricted movements, contacts and engagement between teachers and pupils as well as thought leaders and the general public. So, summits, conferences, down to usual school sessions and school extra lessons or home lessons have been strained as a result of the corona virus outbreak. Thank God for technology, the internet is filled with various ways you can start tutoring, conferences and summits. From IG TV, to IG Live to YouTube videos and YouTube Live.

In a country like Nigeria, more and more, the need for tutoring and tutors is endless. As such, there will always be need for you, and all you have to do is seize the opportunity to become a tutor. You can start a tutoring service as a single tutor in the first place and then as time goes on, you can employ more hands. Apart from this being a great business idea you can start right now, it is also lucrative, easy to start and profitable.

Grocery Store or Supermarket

Although you might not have considered a supermarket to be on this list, it is here because it is one of the most practical small business ideas your town, city or estate probably needs. Just like any other business or small-time business ideas, supermarket requires different directions to begin with depending on the needs of the city/ town in order to get daily habitual habitant.

Your ability to plan the entire thing well right from the “get-go” will put it on the list of small businesses that work, especially in this pandemic. No need to start with a physical location as technology has made it possible for you to set up virtually. There are various channels online where it can be promoted and your target audience are met. All you need is a plan, a need, courage and patience to get started.

Clothing Boutique

If you are observant, you’ll realize that one of the basic amenities that rural communities and small towns lack is advance shopping. This was a problem before, but it is now much worse that the pandemic has restricted movements and caused everyone to be extra conscious. Clothing is a basic amenity, no matter how bad the economy is, people must wear clothes, so it is sure going to work out.

Again, Technology can improve your reach to the entire country and even the diaspora. Is it affordable? is it unique? These will be the questions; your potential customers will ask themselves before buying so it has to come correct. Again, it is a lucrative business, if you are ready to do the work.

Cleaning Services

According to research, cleaning services is one of the most sought-after businesses these days. Cleaning is important and not everyone has the wherewithal to clean their houses and surroundings as a result of either their business, jobs and other schedules.

This leaves a void that has to be filled and this is where you come in. If you are looking for a small, easy and lucrative business to set up at this time, Cleaning services should definitely be on the list.

Food Truck / Catering Services

Food is a necessity and will always be relevant. Food is good business, even in a pandemic. It cannot be overemphasized that before you venture into this business, you have to know your town/ city.

The residents, tradition and seasonality and the kind of food, they have been longing for. If you know all these things and you start a food business, even with a food truck or digital catering services, it will be a lucrative investment at the end of the day.

Whether it’s a food truck or offering catering services on Instagram, selling food is good business.

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