In a 2020 report by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Nigeria’s unemployment rate increased from 27.1% in the second quarter of 2020 to 33.5% in the fourth quarter of the same year, making it the highest unemployment rate in 13 years. Of the 122,049,400 people in the economically active or working age demographic (15-64 years old), 40,886,549 people (33.5%) are unemployed. The issue of discussion is not the unemployment statistics. But the rate of professional setbacks among the population of those with jobs. 

The past two years have seen people in the workforce face some form of issues from a; year-long global pandemic, unkind macroeconomic trends, and prolonged market uncertainty setting a perfect condition for career frustration. Employees, whether at the beginning of their career or as a veteran has experienced more setbacks in the past two years than ever. But these setbacks are a normal part of the path to success. William Arruda, a Senior Contributor at Forbes, thinks that regardless of the setback; there are methods that can help you shed the disappointment from a professional setback and move forward with enthusiasm. 

Here are ways to help you handle professional setbacks. 

Cushion it before it happens

Preventing professional setbacks from happening might not be very realistic, but mitigating the effects of these setbacks is possible. Setting realistic goals and expectations is one of the best ways to do this. Guy Sheetrit, CEO of Over the Top SEO, recommended breaking down these tasks into manageable pieces and completing them one after the other. When one of these goals and expectations is completed, take time to appreciate each accomplishment along. 

professional setbacks.
Consider a new path or change your perspective

Promotion delay, investors’ disinterest in your startup solution, and harsh government solutions are some of the popular setbacks among the workforce. It doesn’t however mean that these setbacks are your direct fault. It might mean you’re simply moving in the wrong direction, and sometimes considering a new path might be the solution.

professional setbacks.

Psychotherapist Daniel G. Amen and author of The Brain Warrior’s Way thinks that no one can improve in a straight line. Setbacks allow us to learn and become better than before. Regaining control might be in the form of looking at situations from a different angle and considering the actions and strategies we need to overcome these setbacks and obstacles. 

Channel your failure into another growth funnel

Failure and success are not two ends of the line as we all think, although they are very connected. Amy Blaschka, Contributor at Forbes notes that the key to overcoming setbacks is to develop the ability to adapt and understand that failure is only a mistake when you fail to learn. Setbacks are part of a business or career journey, and they are bound to happen. However, the difference between those who are resilient enough to face setbacks and those that give up is; their ability to address these issues with sincerity and honesty and turn them into another opportunity for growth. 

professional setbacks.

In many cases, career professionals have been faced with setbacks and even gone a step further to read about solutions. However, reading about these solutions alone might not be the best method.  Instead, mapping out a strategy that helps you work on these solutions. Begin to implement these changes and recommendations you find necessary.

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