Hair paint is rapidly taking over the option of using hair dye to colour our natural hair and the reasons are not farfetched. As the name connotes, it comes in form of hair paint or wax which can be easily applied to your hair in minutes! It is available in various colours from white, grey, purple to green, blue, orange and many more crazy colours. 

Tired of your hair? Want something spicy and jawdropping? Here are reasons to add colour using the hair paint;

 1. It Is Safe

Hair Colour

Hair paint is a safer option than temporary or permanent hair dye because the latter tends to damage the hair shaft if not done by a specialist or properly cared for. You do not need to visit a hair colourist to apply hair paint on your hair. It can be done at home! This is a great option for highly porous hair which is more prone to damage by hair dye.

2. Colours Hair Faster

Hair Dye

If your hair is low in porosity or (jet)black, it takes quite a process or amount of time for your hair to take on a different colour. The option of bleaching may sometimes have to be considered to enable desired colour become conspicuous or vibrant when applied to hair. With hair paint, you do not have to worry if the colour will be apparent or not – because it will. 

3. Easy to Maintain

Hair Dye

You do not need to change your shampoo or hair regimen when using hair paint. The only thing you’d have to do is make sure your hair is safely tucked in a satin/silk scarf or bonnet so that it doesn’t stain your cotton pillowcase. Also note that once dry, it does not stain. Pretty easy right?

4. It Is Temporary

Hair Dye

If you work in a corporate setting where hair colouring is not allowed, this is a nice escape to go rouge when off-duty! You can do this just in time for the weekend, a hangout or just for the fun of it! The hair paint comes off once you wash your with hair shampoo. This way, the colour stays as long as you are not ready to wash your hair. 

5. Re-application Time

Hair Dye

In reapplying hair dye, it is advisable to wait at least a month to prevent hair damage. This is different with hair paint. You can switch your hair colour whenever you want to; weekly, biweekly, monthly. You may even go as far as switching your hair colour everyday! Even more, you can decide to switch it up for different occasions on the same day. Talk about being daring!

Hair Dye

Also known as Hair wax or Hair paint wax, the application process is very simple. All you have to do is put your hair in sections, slightly damp it with water, rub the paint inbetween your palms and apply the colour to each section using the praying hands motion. After this, allow your hair to dry to allow paint to set and prevent further staining. Don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards! 

It’s time to go legally blonde or fiery red without fear of having damaged hair!

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