The rains are here, all floody, muddy and slippery. It’s time to guard our fashion lifestyle and not allow it be swept away by the rains. Instead, we’d adapt to the season while still protecting ourselves from the cold and flu that comes with.

With these five fashion hacks, you can still look fabulous in this rainy season and rock your designers outfits.

Three-quarters length clothings.

Having splashs of rain or sticky muds on the hem of our clothes can make one conscious of staining or ruining the fabrics. To tackle this, clothes that reach at most three-quarters of the leg can save us from such embarrassment. It’s time to let go of the ankle or full length clothes to be on the safe side. Trousers can be fold away to desired length, you can also use bobby pins to secure the folds and prevent it from slipping back to it’s original length.

Fashion for Rainy season

Oh No, My Bag!

Nothing can be more terrible than having a drenched bag! We often protect our bags more than ourselves when it comes to flooding because we can’t have our valuables turn into ‘trashables’. Leather bags – bye!. Hello, Transparent and Nylon bags. These two will keep all your valuables secure and dry as well as challenge you to up your style!

What about my shoes?

So, the rains aren’t all that encouraging for stilettos. But guess what? you can go all bougie in shiny waterproof boots. Talk about a statement! Even better, there are colourful rubber sandals, shoes, flip flops and the popular crocs sandals to slay in the rain! For our classic men, get your quality shoes protected by a rubber shoe cover and take them off when you get to your destination.

Fashion for Rainy season

Do colours and textures matter?

There will be lots of awkward moments with the rain but we won’t get caught! Avoid light and white clothes as they can become transparent or get stained easily when wet. Dark coloured clothes can be rocked in the most creative ways. Also wear more of cotton clothes, as they keep you warm and can dry easily when wet.

Finally, accessories

Fashion for Rainy season

We aren’t going out without our beat accessories. It may be painful to leave our leather-banded wristwatches behind but it’s for the best. This is the era for water resistant wristwatches to take charge of our wrists.
Hats can also come out to play, serving as shade from the rains. Don’t go overboard with hats that stretch as far as the atlantic, any one as cute as a bolar hat will do just fine. Head warmers add chic and trendy feels as well and they are better options in providing warmth. Switch it up and make them match your outfits!
Steer clear of jewelry which have low water resistant as they could loss quality.

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