TRUMP – Time’s Person of The Year

No pun intended, Trump is having the ‘time‘ of his life! Like other eccentric figures, it can be much of a task writing about Trump because the line between objectivity and subjectivity is greatly blurred.

Say Hello To The Man Of The Year!

“YUGE!” Donald J. Trump was recently unveiled as TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year for 2016! His selection didn’t come as a surprise, an otherwise choice would have been. Hitherto we have known Trump for many other things aside politics: a real estate mogul with properties littered all over the place, a best-selling author with classics like “The Art of the Deal“, owner of the popular franchise “The Celebrity Apprentice”, a highly successful business reality TV show and generally as a shrewd businessman. All that now is relegated to the background as he takes on a more prestigious title – the 45th President of the United States of America!

How Did This Happen?

This has been the question on the lips of Democrats, their affiliates, political pundits, pollsters and even some republicans. A Clinton Presidency seemed set in stone, written in the stars you might add – this man had other ideas though. It may be a hard thing to conjecture but let’s take a moment, isolate Trump’s uncouth rhetoric during the campaign trail, his demagoguery stance and his ‘un-american’ approach to issues.
After doing that, now fathom how he won against the Democratic Party, the Clinton Machinery (spearheaded by former POTUS Bill Clinton and former FLOTUS, Hillary Clinton with a political career spanning over 30 years), Special Interests, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, the incumbent POTUS, the globalists and nations who covertly funded the Democratic candidate – then you would applaud his feat. Not to mention the fact that prominent Republicans distanced themselves from him including House Speaker, Paul Ryan. Trump put a face to the phrase “defying the odds”. For the first time in the over 240 years of American history, a person with no political record will be in the White House! And to think he had nursed this desire for about 28 years. Digest that!

On Temperament

This is where he doesn’t get off the hook easily. His churning out tweets at 3am and calling out critics on social media is not helping in changing this narrative. The Left have gone as far as dubbing him the as the President of the “Divided” States of America. The “trumpeters”, a cleverly crafted description for his staunch supporters argue otherwise. Citing Mitt Romney, – the GOP presidential candidate for the 2012 elections who many considered the best thing since Ronald Regan, the nice and dandy guy, the disciplined, politically correct, bridled and having-a-presidential-temperament guy – who still he lost to Obama, “bigly!”.

So in order to unseat the Left, they badly needed a “disruptor” – that’s why Trump perfectly fit the bill! Whether or not they will succeed in curbing his excesses, one thing is certain – Trump will be a most unusual president.

The ‘Right’ Way To Go?

Not only is Trump’s presidency unprecedented, he seems to have set a precedence. Initially by “Brexit” and now “Trumpism“, the right-wing of most nations have been given a leeway to fly. Trump’s victory at the polls now gives impetus to anti-establishment sentiments and has galvanized populist voices globally.
Shades of his rhetoric can be seen in the recent referendum in Italy and in countries like France and Germany – even here in the African nations of Gambia and Ghana.
Enough said, the whole world is watching to see how Trump seeks to Make America Great Again!


Mfonobong Inyang is an inspirational speaker, creative writer, youth enthusiast, resource person and nation builder. He is passionate about human capacity development especially in Nigeria and seeks to be part of the solution. Connect with Mfon on Twitter, @inspiredMI_

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