Hair health is not just about building a suitable hair regimen, using reliable products, trying out all the magnificent tips and tricks, etc. It is also about what we eat, in fact, hair health starts from inside our body and then reflects on the outside. What have you been eating lately to care for your hair? It had better be one of these:


Fruits for hair

Rich in Biotin, apples fuel hair growth and reduce hair loss. Research revealed that regular ingestion of apple yields longer and thicker hair. Not to forget that from it, Apple Cider Vinegear is formed – an ultimate treatment for itchy scalp and regulation of the hair’s PH balance.


Fruits for hair

Avocado tops the list of hair-friendly foods. Why? It provides nourishment to the hair strands. Combating with dry hair? Try some avocado for soft moisturised hair. A rich source of Vitamins B and E, avocado promotes hair growth.


Fruits for hair

Split ends can lead to one’s hair cutting and also make detangling a nightmare, this berry called handles split ends, making the hair easily manageable. It also prevents dandruff; adding a luxurious shine to your hair.


Fruits for hair

These contain the essential nutrient Vitamin C which refresh your hair follicles and encourge hair growth. Aiming for hair length? Go get some blueberries!


Fruits for hair

Carrot is no stranger to the hair world especially carrot oil. It is popular for stimulating hair growth resulting in strong, long and thick healthy strands. Munching on carrots regularly ensures this as well.


Fruits for hair

Experts say that eating two or three dates day yield stronger hair as they stimulate the hair follicles thereby aiding in the distributing of blood (which of course, transports nutrients) to the scalp. 


Fruits for hair

In the correction of low sebum production, mango needs to be included in the hair care. It advances the production of sebum; a natural hair oil that protects the scalp and moisturises the hair.


Fruits for hair

The citrus fruit; orange is one the richest source of Vitamin C which is a crucial nutrient in sustaining one’s hair health because it contains collagen – known for rejuvenating the hair.


Fruits for hair

Papaya is amongst the options of fruits that act as a natural hair conditioner. It prevents one’shair from thinning out. 


Fruits for hair

Packed with tons of amazing hair nutrients such as A, B1, B2, B6, C, E and K, Spinach is one of the best green vegetables that contirbute greatly achieveing a healthy hair.

Nature has a way of healing, soothing and reviving our body parts and overrall health. It may be subtle and slow but which consisent commitment, it sures provides wonderful results. 

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