Christmas is only a few days away and several plans are being made to paint the town red and Detty December. While these plans may have been made for a long time and probably written down somewhere a lifetime ago, you shouldn’t discard the possibility of impromptu hangouts, plans and calls. 

As a result, it is important to make some plans ahead of the impromptu ones and make some items always available ahead of those plans as well. 

What are these items and how often should they be readily available? If you plan to Detty December


As cliché as this appears, it is paramount to take it seriously. Taking money along in your purse or pocket is a mechanism to avoid unnecessary drama and often, disrespect. 

Detty Demcember

No matter how much you’re promised a ‘bill on me’, always have some extra cash with you. This will help you take care of unforeseen circumstances and avoid embarrassment. An example is the case of Seun whose date demanded she pay him back what he spent. This was after they had a disagreement. .

‘’It felt like a nightmare. This dude actually demanded I pay him back because I refused to follow him home after the date. I thought he was joking until he threatened to pry my phone from me and physically hurt me. I had to give him the exact amount he spent ,’’ she narrated. 

ATM Card
Detty Demcember

Although ATM cards are a means to withdraw cash, they are totally different from money in an emergency. It is important to take them along in case you run out of money and need to take care of a bill urgently. Also, use ATM cards before it is too late at night because of insecurity threatening the country at night. 

Detty Demcember

The urge for a good time can present itself in any situation. It is therefore advisable to take the right item to prevent certain circumstances. For instance, condoms do a good job of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. So, take one along in your purse, pocket or wallet everywhere you go to detty this December.

Menstrual Pads/Tampons
Detty Demcember

Just like a good time could present itself anytime, a monthly visitor could also decide to come late or early. Especially If you’re the type whose menstrual period has no specific date of arrival. So, grab a pad, tampon or menstrual cup and take it everywhere you go this December. 

Pepper Spray
Detty Demcember

The insecurity in Nigeria keeps threatening daily and women are constant victims with no protection from law enforcement bodies. Pepper sprays are used to scare away predators and sexual assaulters . Grab one from a mall and arm yourself with it, especially if you tend to walk/move at night. 

Detty Demcember

The importance of phones cannot be overestimated. A quick call to a friend or family member can save you a lot of stress. Also, don’t forget to grab a charger along no matter how fully charged it is. 

Article written by Sola Tales

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