By Murielle Jean-Michel | Photographs by Demi Bute

Ever wanted to stop using chemicalized deodorant but you were afraid of smelling like a caveman? Well, you are not alone! Meet Demi Bute: 23 years of age, born in Amsterdam but raised and lived in the little beautiful island of Sint Maarten for 18 years. Demi has developed a particular love for creating her own cosmetic products made of all natural ingredients!

Murielle: Making your own cosmetic products…When did you start?

Demi: I started making my own products during the last months of 2016. The first product that I actually made was a body butter. I have been living in the Netherlands for some years now, and it can get pretty cold at times. I realized that my skin (especially my hands) would get very dry and irritated if I would not moisturize it enough. All the hand creams that I bought from my go-to drug store weren’t doing the job. They were either too thick, thin, sticky or dry. The creams that I would like, would either be way over my budget or unavailable in the Netherlands.

M: What inspired you to start making your own deodorant?

D: The desire to create my own products started when I became more aware of what I was eating and putting into my body. Naturally, I also became concerned as to what I was putting on my body as well. Creating my own products all stemmed from the same place. I wanted to live a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. I then first browsed and sought for an affordable, natural, organic and clean deodorant that I could buy in stores, as opposed to the commercial deodorant I had been using for more than 10 years which is filled with toxic chemicals.

M: What are the changes that you have noticed since you started using your own deodorant?

D: When switching over to natural products in general, most people go through a period where their bodies need to adapt to the less harsh product. When switching over to a natural deodorant, be prepared to endure the detox-period that follows. With that being said, all bodies are different and react differently to this transition. But this of course is just my experience. When I switched from an antiperspirant deodorant which uses aluminium to block the sweat from escaping, to a natural deodorant, I too went through an “underarm” detox that lasted about three weeks.

M: What are your aspirations for the future?

D: Making products for my own use stemmed from a genuine place, and I was truly infatuated and content with doing just that in the beginning. But I am realizing that more and more people are interested in stepping over to the natural side and I would be glad to help them throughout their journey. Hopefully one day, I can educate others on the benefits of using natural products and continue to contribute to the dialogue on the use of clean products especially in the Caribbeans.

M: What would you like people to know about commercial deodorants vs making your own?

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