David Moyes
As much as Moyes must be held responsible for his lacklustre performance/season, the players, Sir Alex Ferguson, club management had their part to play. Management should have included some players in Sir Alex’s send off party; players who were inexplicably retained by Moyes.

 Moyes erased whatever doubts I had in his ability to hit the ground running, or make the most of United’s glory days, by retaining SAF’s team wholesale, his only additions being a surprisingly under performing Fellaini, though no fault of his, and a welcome Juan Mata.
I guess his double loss to his former club, Everton, was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. If Manchester United was to beat any team home and away this season, it had to be Everton, a team he practically put together. This, coupled with the fact that he successfully broke all the wrong records at United  this season, didn’t help matters.
Concerning my conspiracy theory about SAF’s decision to choose DM, I don’t know why I get this sneaky feeling, he did it on purpose for egotistic and self-serving reasons:
1. He couldn’t stand the thought of some more qualified coach, with a worthier CV than DM, achieving a double, if not a treble in their first season in charge.
2. If by any chance, DM could pull off some magic with United, SAF wanted to able to brag about it being his team, hence still have his looming shadow present in the new era, as I guess he already knew that only a coach in the mold of DM wouldn’t make sweeping changes to an average, though reigning champions squad.
I know I mentioned the players, but I won’t even waste ink on their failure as a team, as a lot of them had no business playing for Bendel Insurance this season. It should be noted that a few players exempted themselves from this huge charade though, Rooney, Januzaj, De Gea, Rafael, Evra and Henandez.
That said, management had the right to make a positive input at the halfway mark when it seemed David Moyes had no idea what to do in the transfer window, but they chose to support their manager despite obvious signs.
After all’s been said and done, I guess everyone has learnt their lessons: 
– The boardpicks a worthy successor, not an egotistic retiring manager.
– The only way to preserve your legacy is to maintain it.
– Them no dey use respect or shame take drink poison.

– You might not like your adversary, but never underestimate his ability, or hate his achievements.

Written by Rhiemen Omorogbe. 
Rhiemen Omorogbe is a regular but phenomenal sports enthusiast who works with some of Nigeria’s biggest musical acts. 
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