This evening, Secretary to the Delta state government Comrade Ovuozourie Macaulay sat down to anchor a meeting set up by the Federal Government to commence the mediation and consequent resolution of the Ugborodo crisis in Delta state.

Comrade Ovuozuorie Macaulay flanked by Charles Ajuya(SAN) and Commodore Garba.

The meeting was attended by Commodore Garba who represented the Chief of Naval staff; the Commissioner of Police Delta state, Ikechukwu Adaba representative of the police and the Inspector General of Police and the state attorney general, Charles Ajuya (SAN). The SSS, Legal and security arm of the state were also duly represented.

Commodore Garba, Ikechukwu Adaba and Delta state security reps

As stated by the SSG in earlier reports, he had been in Abuja all through last week as a result of the crisis (READ it HERE) which came into being two weeks ago. A meeting was held with both factions in Abuja which the then chief of Naval staff (Vice Admiral Dele Joseph Ezeoba) and the IG of Police in attendance. The end result of that meeting was the set up of a new committee on the 10th of January 2014 whilst in Abuja.
The two groups (7 members on each side of the disputing factions) as represented today were directed by the FG to come back to the state, under the heading of the state governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan to see how the issues can be resolved.  

Nobody should claim leadership as far as Ugborodo community is concerned. — Comrade Ovuozourie Macaulay 

“Faction A”

As a result of this new committee, the old one which was set up on the 19th of November, 2013 has been dissolved. Comrade Macaulay explained that the dissolution of the old committee is because two committees cannot be at play. He took time to read out the names of members of the former committee, a twenty-eight man committee headed by Chief Thomas Ereyitomi. Other members included Mr Isaac Botosan, Pastor Dr. Benson Babine, Chief Ayiri Emami, Sandys  Omadeli Uvwoh and some others.

“Faction B”

Thomas Ereyitomi

Hon. David Tonwe

As a result of this new committee, the old one which was formed on the 19thof November 2013 is hereby dissolved…

The SSG sternly warned both parties to henceforth desist from all forms of hostility whether by harsh words, publications, deeds or propaganda. He added that if there be any publication or form of disturbance from either faction or their allies, the leaders will be held liable. According to Comrade Macaulay, this was part of the agreement reached in Abuja.

Another agreement reached was that if the situation cannot be resolved at the meeting, a neutral body excluding members of both factions will be set up. He advised that since it is an intra-communal crisis, peace should be restored as soon as possible as it is one family. He implored that it will be in the best interest of both parties to ensure that matters are resolved today.

The SSG thanked the media present and asked that the room be cleared so the committee (Naval rep, Security representatives, Legal team, Ugborodo leadership factions, and the SSG) could have their meeting.
Judging from the disposition of both factions when the meeting was over, it can be inferred that the issues have not been completely resolved yet. We could not reach the SSG for further updates on the meeting.
Members of the two factions as represented in the meeting:
1.      Chief Thomas Ereyitomi
2.      Alex Eyengho
3.      Jolomi Metseagharun
4.      Chief Pullen R.E Esimajemite
5.      Austin Oborogbeyi
6.      Prince Perry Atete
7.      Sandys Omadeli Uvwoh
Dr Alex Ideh
Hon David Tonwe
Dr. Ayo Ayomike
Itse Elijah Wilkie
Hon. Adun Emmanuel
Godwin. T.E Ojogor
Femi Uwawah

Omawumi for Glace Editorial

photo contributor: Andrea Ngozi Nwainokpor 
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