According to Vegan Society, Google Trends revealed that interest in ‘veganism’ increased to a seven fold between 2014 and 2019.

Veganism is a lifestyle of refraining from the consumption of any food that originates from animals e.g. diary products and usage of products made from animals including wool, fur, silk, animal-based dye, glue, etc.

Vegans consume plants and plant-based products only. Extremists feed on uncooked meals, fruits and may even refrain from sexual relations with non-vegans.

People go “Vegan” for various reasons such as environmental, health, moral while some just find the act of feeding on animals to be cruel. The Vegan community keeps growing yearly such that The Economist referred to 2019 as The Year of the Vegan. With mainstream media, Veganism is a trend with vegan sites, shops, pets, babies, beauty products and the list is becoming endless.

Vegan Beauty Products
Vegan products are plant/ fruit based products

Vegan beauty products are made out of only plant-based products and are not tested on animals. The brands such as;

Kat Von D. Cover FX. Charlotte Tilbury. Milk. Anastasia Beverly Hills. Tarte. Too Faced. Urban Decay. among others produce vegan makeup and skincare products.

Beauty brands that are proven to produce vegan products, according to CFK, do not test on animals, no third parties test on animals on the brand’s behalf, no animal testing are required by law and suppliers do not test on animals for ingredients, raw materials or products.

In formulating these products non-vegan ingredients are being replaced with vegan ingredients. These replacements  have similar properties with their non-vegan counterparts and provide the desired results. Some of such vega ingredients include; Milk/ Yoghurt; Coconut Milk, Animal Glycerin; Vegetable Glycerin, Keratin; Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins and so on.

Dr. Gross told NY Times, “With vegan beauty, you can use a pure nature-derived ingredient along with important additives (to prevent them from spoiling), to get the right combination.”

Let’s not forget Essential oils, which have proven to have miraculous effects (including healing and age reversion) countless of times are plant extracts and therefore vegan products. You can also DIYs right in your home,especially when it comes to skin care routine!

Vegan Beauty Products

For perfume; the sweet scented Vanilla extract, exfoliation; espom salt bath, shaving cream; the ever skin-friendly condensed Coconut oil, hair shampoo; the clarifying Apple Cider Vinegar and exfoliating baking soda, Papaya can be used for face mask or oats mixed with green tea. These are all home made (DIYs ), Vegan skin care products.

A number of reasons to consider vegan beauty products is that asides being natural and organic, they are safe; free from toxins and harmful ingredients.

Vegan beauty products are highly ethical and free from animals parts such as shark liver, cow urine, placenta, pig bones.

With these information at your fingertips, would you consider using vegan beauty products instead?

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