Let’s be real.
Grooming a beard is no child’s play.

It is a form of commitment. It’s more or less like taking good care of the hair on your head.

They shed, break and even get tangled or weak just like our scalp hairs.

If you are nonchalant about it, you get the results you deserve. If you nurture it with conscious effort, you’d get amazing results.

The next time you see a man with a full bearded chin, glistening, neat and well-trimmed; don’t blame genetics alone. He is taking his time to pay attention to his chin hairs.

Consider grooming your beards as a routine rather than manual labor. If you really need that desired outlook then you need to be zealous about investing in the care of your beard.

Starting with an essential kit that contains the following;

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Beard Shampoo

You know the way people cringe when someone says he uses regular bathing soap to wash his hair? That should be your reaction when someone says they don’t use beard shampoo !

Beard shampoo has ingredients formulated specifically for the growth and positive outlook of beards. Wash your beards two or three time a week, with beard shampoo. This will help remove dirt that has been accumulated.

The process of washing your beard involves the massaging of the chin where the beards are located. This encourages blood flow to that region thereby causing more hair growth. Clean and fresh beards.
When selecting beard shampoo, Opt for sulphate-free shampoo made with natural ingredients because they provide the best results and focus on cleansing the beards without drying them out.

Beard Conditioner

Oils alone cannot provide moisture. Compare an oiled dry hair to a conditioned one and you will see clear difference.
Conditioners provide moisture to hair and keeps it soft. They help to easily detangle hair, allowing your comb or brush to run through freely.

This way, you won’t be in pains or cause your beard hairs to break while you attend to it.
Make sure the first ingredient in the beard conditioner is water because water is the main provider of moisture.

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Essential Oils

Oils are essential in grooming beards.
They help seal – in moisture, provide shine and contribute to the growth of your beards.

Oils also prevent the skin underneath from flaking and itching.
Essential oils are natural oils derived from plant extracts. They are highly effective and some are so concentrated that it is advisable to mix them with carrier oils.

Peppermint oil with its tingling effect stimulates hair growth. Tea tree oil prevents flakes and dandruff. Rosemary oil has great healing properties. Lavender oil reduces inflammation and has an enchanting aroma.

Asides these, there are many other oils with incredible properties for the best outcome on your skin and hair.

Your beards should be oiled two or three times weekly and more during dry seasons to prevent breakage. Oil them all the way to your skin and massage for a minute.

Beard Brush

Brush your beard, it to tame it. Brush it to prevent tangles. Brush it for a neat appearance. Brush it daily.

If brushes dont do the work, get a comb and do it. This of course depends on the length and volume of your beard.

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We are not asking you to cut off all your hard work. Just trim them for an appealing appearance.
Trimming beards keeps them neat. It prevents them from getting tangled and eradicates split ends which usually get stuck in clothes that reach your neckline.

Ignore the superstitious belief that trimming hair makes it shorter. Just as our bodies recover from injuries and we grow nails that need trimming, beards need to be trimmed to.

To do this, hold the length if the beard you wish to trim in- between your fingers and gently snip it off. Repeat all through the chin while paying attention to the shape of your face. If you can’t do this by yourself, it’s best you visit an expert.

There you have it, the 5 tools to achieve a premium beard. Dear Kings, Invest in your beards today.


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