Bare to Beauty Cosmetics set the Wheatbaker Hotel ablaze during its 5th-anniversary celebration, brilliantly hosted by the ever-fabulous Denrele Edun. The evening, curated by the visionary CEO Delphine Okoronkwo, unfolded into a dazzling blend of fun, laughter, and style. 

Bare to Beauty 5th Anniversary Soirée

The stage was graced not only by the radiant Delphine but also by esteemed panelists who added intellectual flair to the affair. Cynthia Odibeli, Founder of Bona Expo; Eryca Freemantle, Founder of E.A.T.O.W Awards and a Global Makeup Strategist; and the Award-winning Makeup Artist Bimpe Onakoya, also the Artistic Director for Maybelline New York in Nigeria, engaged the audience in a captivating discussion titled ‘The Past, Present, and Future: The Nigerian Beauty Industry in Focus,’ skillfully moderated by Chioma ‘Goodhair’ Ikokwu. 

As the night progressed, Denrele Edun’s magnetic energy enchanted the crowd, setting the perfect tone for the launch of Bare to Beauty’s latest makeup treasures. The celebration unveiled a stunning array of products that resonated with the brand’s commitment to pushing beauty boundaries. 

The Wheatbaker Hotel transformed into a tapestry of glamour, with each snapshot capturing the essence of an evening that transcended mere celebration. Bare to Beauty’s 5th-anniversary soirée was not just a gathering but a testament to the brand’s evolution, marked by innovation, style, and a commitment to redefining beauty norms. Here’s to five years of brilliance and a radiant future ahead! 

See the beautiful photos from the event.
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