Marsai Martin who a lot of us would know from shows and movies such as Blackish, Lemonade Mafia and Little which she co produced refuses to back down or take a break as she keeps climbing the totem pole.

Marsai who was born in Texas, insisting on doing it like a Texan. Because as they say : “Everything is bigger in Texas”. The actress cum producer has bagged a bigger achievement recently by being the youngest executive producer ever in a major Hollywood movie production.

Marsai Martin

The actor and producer shared the big news on her Instagram page with a picture of her and her award and a caption thanking her team, universal studios and her parents as well.

“I done broke a record 😭 What an amazing honor. Who knew Little would be historic? Huge thanks to Kenya Barris, Tracy Oliver, Tina Gordon, Will Packer, James Lopez, and our WPP team … Thank you to our dope friends at Universal. Eric Baiers, Peter Cramer, Donna Langley, and my wonderful creators Momma & Daddy for making my dreams come true over and over again.” – Marsai wrote

The star who was recently honoured by the Guinness world records as the youngest executive producer at age 14 and 241 days, was a co producer on the movie “Little”. She was a star along side other big names such as Regina Hall and Issa Rae. She also did work on the soundtrack of the movie which honestly was downright fabulous.

Marsai Martin

Her wins and achievements not only speak out for her but also the black community and most importantly women everywhere. It is a saying that what a man can do, a woman can do better. So hats off to Marsai Martin in achieving this epic milestone in her career. As Frank Sinatra would say- the best is still to come and for Marsai that rings loudly true.

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