Overrall body care must include hair care. Be it permed, natural, kinky, coily, dyed, silk-pressed, there must be constant hair care which includes building a routine. 

A hair care routine is simply a schedule. A schedule of when to treat your hair and what type of treatment. It can also include the products used, especially if you’ve found what works best for your hair. Your hair routine needs to include the following; 


This is a necessity as it eradicates product build up and cleans the scalp. When cleansing, it is important to focus on your scalp. A good clarifying shampoo does a great job of removing dirts without striping your hair moisture. Clay masks are also very effective in cleansing the hair and scalp reverting your hair to its natural state without robbing your hair of it’s moisture. These include Bentonite, Rhassoul, Kaolin clay. 

Essential Hair Care Routine
Hair Routine – Washing and cleansing


Moisture means water content. So how moisturised your hair is depends on the water content it is holding at that moment. It makes hair more manageable therefore easy to style and also prevents breakage. Water is the primary source of moisture. When your hair is dry, before applying anything, try spraying water to soften it. 

Moisturise with products that consist primarily of water such as Leave-In Conditioners at least every two days or whenever the hair feels dry. Moisturise frequently during dry season. Humectants such as pure honey and animal-source glycerin draw moisture from the atmosphere to your hair sustaining the water content of your hair. 

Hair Routine - Washing and cleansing
Hair Routine – Moisturising Hair


Since water is the primary source of moisture; it evaporates. Moisturising your hair is not enough because all that moisture can go back into the atmosphere. This is why you need to seal the moisture. The sealant doesn’t moisturise your hair, instead, it serves as a protective layer over the moisturiser thereby trapping it and leaving your hair moisturised for a long period of time. Sealants include hair oils and butter. 

Essential Hair Care Routine
Seal Twists


This makes hair styling easy. Detangling hair requires patience else you’d end up snagging your hair, shortening hair length and probably lead to baldness. Depending on your hair type, detangling tools can vary from hair brush to combs or even using just your fingers. Never detangle a matted hair dry – it will break. Never detangle your hair vigorously. 

Essential Hair Care Routine
Detangling while washing


Show off your hair versatility with whatever style feels right or comfortable for you. Your hair deserves to cause stares and stand out. Styling it makes it attractive or even portray your personality. The best part is there are infinite your hair from cuts, waves, locs, twists, braids, buns, silky-straight, pompadour, etc. 

Essential Hair Care Routine
4 step styling stages


Depending on what your hair goal is, hair treatments matter alot. Whether it is length or moisture retention, recovering from an ailment, disease or disorder, hair treatment needs to be consistent and intentional to achieve desired results. For moisture retention; deep condition weekly, length retention; scalp massage with essential oils, to build keratin; monthly protein treatments, to reduce hair breakage; tea rinse on wash days. In the case of treating a hair condition such as alopecia or dandruff, it is always advisable to visit a tricologist; hair doctor.


Essential Hair Care Routine
Hair care routine – Trimming

This is a plea for you to make scissors your friend. Trimming hair snips split, knotted, damaged and broken ends. Trimming should done regularly between three to six months. It makes detangling a whole lot easier and improves hair appearance and health. 

Your hair routine should include daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly hair care procedures including all listed above. 

Don’t stop loving your hair. 

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