Your skin is one of the most apparent features of your body. It is one of the first things people notice about us when they see us. Some of us have to go through a 10 or 13 care routine to get that dazzling flawless skin while others are lucky enough to do so little to achieve same.

The appearance of our skin speaks alot about our general wellbeing including lifestyle, diet, atmosphere, weather, etc all of which have positive or negative effects on our skin depending on how our skin react to them. 

In relation to weather, our skin tends to be dry during dry seasons, highly pigmented during sunny seasons and retains more moisture in the rainy seasons. As of late we’re currently experiencing hot and humid weather which opens up our skin pores making our skin vulnerable to impurities in the atmosphere. It can also cause an increase in sebum production. So, how do we treat our skin right in these times?

1. Light Moisturizers 

Skincare routine to boost outlook

Don’t rule out moisturising your skin during this period. Instead, get light moisturisers. There is heat and the weather is warm. Using thick or oil-bases moisturisers will only create more heat thereby causing you more  discomfort as they clog your sweat pores which are to emit sweat in response to the weather. Light water-based moisturizers on the other hand help our skin stay moisturised. Also opt for moisturisers which contain humectants such as glycerin and honey. 

2. SPF Sunscreens

Protecting our skin from Ultraviolet rays is not open for discussion. It is a must. Although they are energy from the sun, the radiations from UV rays can cause sunburn, skin aging, skin cancer and even damage DNA. 

Skincare routine to boost outlook

This is one of the reasons why we need SPF sunscreens. SPF means Sun Protection Factor, a measurement of how well a sunscreen will protect the skin. They prevent skin discoloration and aging, sunburn, dark spots, wrinkles, It has been recommended by dermatologists that we use sunscreens which contain at least SPF 30 for daily activities and SPF 50 for outdoor activities.

3. Ingredients for the Season

To control sebum production, use products which have charcoal as the main ingredient as it reduces face oils. Vitamin C Products help overcome being prone to acne, sun burn and other blemishes that arise as a result of our pores being open and vulnerable to the atmosphere. If your skin is oily, try salicylic acid to minimise pore openings reducing oil production.

Skincare routine to boost outlook

The sun is coming out hot on us, we are at it’s mercy and so is our skin. Drink water to keep your skin hydrated. Also stay in cool areas with lower temperature to reduce heat on your skin. Wear lighter clothes to allow body ventilation. Reducing makeup application so as to allow your pores breathe and prevent buildup which can lead to acne. Avoid laying your face with so many products. 

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