After learning about the most popular kinds of wines available, it is important to also the kinds of glasses better suited for each kind of wine, and this article centers on the red wine glasses variety.

Enjoy learning about the 6 different types of wine glasses, showing the shape and style of each type of wine glass. These glasses include different types of red wine glasses.

We understand that most people have one, or maybe two set of wine glasses in their kitchen cabinets for all types of wine, this is generally more than sufficient. However, if you wish to take your wine appreciation to the next level, one step to take is to learn about the different types of wine glasses and buy sets for each type of wine you serve.

Types of Red Wine Glasses


Cabernet red wine glass has a sleek interface a tall and slim stem. It is one of the tallest of all of the red wine glasses; cabernet wine glasses are specially created to intensify the smell of the wine. They magnify and focus it because of their shape, making drinking from them an experience that you are sure to enjoy. In addition, because the bowl of the glass is so wide, it allows the wine to breathe properly. The aroma then is captured by the narrow mouth.

It’s important when you are using a cabernet wine glass that you do not overfill it as it is much better for the taste, smell, and enjoyment of the wine to have smaller amounts poured into the glass. This ensures that the wine is as fragrant as possible when you drink it. This is a common problem for people because the wine glasses are so large that it makes it easy to over pour; however, you never want to pour more wine than can fill the widest part of the bowl.


Burgundy red wine glass has a shallow but wider bowl and a slim stem. These special glasses have a wider bowl than Bordeaux glasses do. The bowl is bigger so that it can accommodate some of the aromas of wines that are bit more delicate. Due to the shape of the glass, the drinker will experience tasting the wine first on the tip of the tongue, then throughout the mouth.

Having the wine directly at the tip of the tongue ensures that you can fully taste and smell even the most delicate wine and keeps you from missing any of the amazing nuances that may be in a particular glass of wine. Some of these glasses have a shorter stem that will keep the wine glass from being at risk of toppling over but these stems are still long enough that you can easily swirl the wine to incorporate air and enjoy the best possible taste and smell. The lip on these glasses is often quite thin, which doesn’t just help keep the wine at the front of your mouth but also makes them very easy to drink out of.


Bordeaux wine glass has a small bowl but a tall and slim stem. Bordeaux wine glasses have the honor of being the tallest red wine glass but with a much smaller bowl than some of the other available glasses. They are perfect for full-bodied wines such as a Merlot or Cabernet and their shape ensures that you will have the best possible drinking experience when you use them. Since the wine glass is so tall, when you drink out of it, the wine will easily travel to the back of the mouth instead of remaining up near the tip of your tongue.

This ensures that you taste all of the amazing flavors of your wine without it being bitter or too much to drink. Wine drinkers find that this especially helps if the wine that you are drinking is a little young or does not have the full, rich flavors traditionally associated with Bordeaux.


This Zinfandel glass with a large rim is handcrafted to perfection. The perfect wine glass for Zinfandel is a little shorter than the Bordeaux wine glass and has a slightly larger rim. This ensures that you experience the full flavor and smell of your wine. You will want to look for glasses that have a thin rim as anything thick or bumpy will detract from the overall experience of the wine that you are drinking.

Thicker rims will actually impede how the wine flows into your mouth and with a lighter wine such as Zinfandel, you want to make sure that there is nothing in its way. The bowl is also smaller than the Bordeaux or Cabernet wine glass but still large enough that the wine is able to breathe. This will improve the overall flavor of the wine and your whole drinking experience. While you can use a Bordeaux glass to drink a Zinfandel wine, you will enjoy your wine much more when you use the correct glass even though many people think that they are so similar as to be interchangeable.

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir wine glasses always look sleek and fine. Pinot Noir glasses are gorgeous and have the widest bowl of any of the red or white wine glasses. This ensures that the wine has as much contact with the air as possible and will greatly improve its aroma and flavor. The bowl is large enough for you to swirl it and a crystal-clear glass will allow you to observe the wine during this action.

These glasses have slightly shorter stems than other red wine glasses. The easiest way to tell them apart from other types of red wine glasses is to pay attention to the rim. It is turned out from the glass, which directs the flavors and smell of the wine directly to your nose and mouth. While you can drink Pinot Noir from any kind of glass that you want to, if you want to fully enjoy this wine, then you will only drink it from a special glass. You want to be able to capture the intensity of this wine and only a Pinot Noir glass will be able to do that; everything else will allow you to drink your wine but you will find that there is not much enjoyment in it.


Rose glasses have a long stem that ensures that the heat from your hand does not affect the wine. You want your wine to remain at a cool temperature and the stem allows that. There are two main kinds of rose glasses that you can find: ones with a short bowl and flared lip and others with a short bowl and a short taper.

Either one is fine for drinking this delicious wine but the flared lip is preferred when you are going to be enjoying a younger wine. These wines are generally less sweet than their aged counterparts and the flared lip will direct the wine to your sweet-sensitive taste buds. This minimizes any unpleasant aftertaste and maximizes the sweetness of your drink. More mature rose will be perfectly served in a glass that has a short taper.

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