Podcasts – audio services that feed content to a particular set of audience, are on the rise consistently. From 2020, the lockdown year, the number of people who listen to podcasts have multiplied. Essentially, they are quite flexible to pay attention to. Unlike videos that require fixated attention, you can listen to podcasts while doing chores or while working. 

Interestingly, podcasts can be recorded by anyone from the comfort of their homes. It’s similar to recording in a studio. In fact, some popular podcasters record themselves in a set-up studio. Although studios make sounds better and the podcast professional, they aren’t quite necessary. 

To be a podcaster, you need: 

  • A recording device – this could be your phone, laptop or any recording device that is connected to your podcast account. 
  • A table microphone – for proper sound transmission. 
  • A plan – It’s quite easy to be led by excitement into creating content; but without a concrete plan, consistency may not be a part of the equation for long. 

That said, in this article, Glazia would be listing five podcasts you should make your favourites. 

ISWIS by Jolla and FK

I Said What I Said or ISWIS as it’s popularly called, is a podcast by two millennials, Jolla and FK; both members of the Feminist Coalition. Their podcast is a go-to for many Nigerians, because interestingly, they banter a lot. And, FK’s sarcasm is something that cracks you up constantly. 


Almost every week, they invite guests to talk about all kinds of topics from; EndSARS, which Falz shed light on, to living as an ex-BBNaija housemate. Some of the reality show’s ex- housemates are usually invited to discuss. 

Blurb: The African millennial experience according to FK and Jollz. 

Sh*ts n Gigs by James and Fuhad

Throw two black men who have known each other since college in a room and you have Sh*ts n Gigs. Their stories, experiences and reactions to twitter threads, challenges and internet opinions will have you hooked. 


They rarely invite guests but both of them alone are enough to keep you entertained every Monday. 

Blurb: Sh*ts n Gigs is a weekly podcast featuring best friends James and Fuhad. They try to give their full, unfiltered opinion on anything that comes to mind.

Tea with Tay by Taymesan

As the name implies, this podcast gives you the real gist. The inside gist. The real story. Do you want to know how Ebuka Obi-Uchendu became the host of BigBrother Naija? Or the real story of James Brown? Then this is the podcast for you. 


Blurb: Tea With Tay is a sweet gist type of show hosted by Taymesan. Every week he discusses societal issues and personal experience in a fun, light-hearted and entertaining way. Taymesan also invites celebrities to share their stories on this podcast. 

How Far by Temi Otedola and Mr Eazi

The engaged Temi Otedola and Mr Eazi created this podcast to consistently share their opinions on everything from love to family. Listen to these two lovebirds, especially if you’re a sucker for love. 


Blurb: How Far is an episodic conversation between superstar singer and entrepreneur, Mr Eazi, and actress and media personality, Temi Otedola; where they set out to discuss relationships, entertainment, social issues and basically anything that piques their interest.

To My Sisters (TMS) by Courtney and Renee

Someone mentioned that Courtney and Renee of TMS are the elder sisters she wished she had. This is largely because their podcast is a reflection of their experiences and advice for younger women. TMS essentially offers women the space for holistic wellness, growth and healing.


Blurb: Join your online big sisters Courtney and Renee as they delve deeper into the realities of navigating adulthood, sisterhood and more. 

Article written by Sola Tales 

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