As kids, we often thought it a form of punishment when we were sent to bed, yet we had some of the most soothing sleeps then. Fast forward to adulthood and a good night’s sleep is a luxury or even a to-do list.

Diet, environment, lifestyle, health issues, etc. directly or indirectly interfere with our night rest causing our body functions to slow, make us appear dull throughout the day and even lead to psychotic disorders.

Are you having trouble falling asleep, then here are 5 easily accessible and healthy foods that will help improve your sleeping habit.

Dehydration can either wake you from a good night’s rest and/or cause you to have a sleepless night. Watermelon is made up of about 70% water and can provide your body with the hydration needed to prevent you from having a sleepless night. It’s also a great option for a light dinner if you are on a diet.

Chamomile Tea
Chamomile tea with dry and fresh chamomile

Many have sworn to the effectiveness of chamomile tea in enhancing their night rest. It calms the nerves and soothes your body bringing you to a state of rest. Taking a cup of this herbal tea before bedtime is a sure way to enjoy a nice sleep.


Ever noticed how you feel drowsy after having oats for breakfast? It’s time to start considering taking it as dinner instead, for the sake of a peaceful sleep. Oats contain melatonin which makes your body relax and helps you fall asleep.

Dark Chocolate

A healthy snack and a great sleep enhancer; the best two-in-package for you to stock up. Dark chocolate contains Serotonin which helps regulate and stabilize one’s mood and also influences how much and how well you sleep.


Before you go to bed, have a banana or two for some great sleep. How so? Banana contains vitamin B6 which converts amino acid to serotonin. In addition to this, banana contains melatonin, potassium and magnesium which help to relax your muscles so that you could be in a “delightful sleepland.”

With this, you can say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to beautiful night’s sleep. If any of these doesn’t help, we advice you see a doctor and seek proper medical care.

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