There’s no denying that quite a number of us are neglecting our beauty routine as our lifestyle is still geared towards staying safe at home. Many of our beauty products including wigs, makeup kits and the likes probably think we’ve been raptured. Despite this, there are still beauty products we need to use consistently because they are essentials. The list is very simple and you are about to know why they are important. 


Beauty essentials

Sweaty bodies can give way to body odour and itching. This is where deodorants come handy. They help reduce the stench of body odour by killing the bacteria which cause the body odour and itch. With it, you get to smell good for about 12 – 24 hours. So, your pores still get to sweat but the deodorant nullifies the foul odour that comes with. There are deodorant sprays, roll-on and sticks.

Hair Shampoo

Beauty Essentials

Our hair should not be neglected unless well, you do not want to keep it. We need to wash our hair regularly anywhere within a week or a month depending on how dirty your scalp is. When the scalp is dirty, this stunts hair growth, causes our hair to smell and opens the door wide open to hair infections. Ensure to wash your hair with a mild cleansing shampoo that leaves your scalp and hair clean without drying out your hair. 

Hair Conditioner

Beauty Essentials

Hair conditioner is needed to make our hair manageable. Rinse out conditioners are used immediately after washing the hair and allowed to sit on hair for a few minutes before being rinsed out. Leave in conditioners do not have to be rinsed out. A major ingredient to look out for in conditioners is water because this guarantees moisture. Also, a good conditioner often your hair and make it easy to detangle making it easy for you to style your hair. 

Body Cream, Lotion or Butter

Beauty Essentials

The purpose of any of these three is to soothe, moisturise and soften the skin. A body lotion is very light, has more water content and is a moisturiser. Body cream is thicker than lotion because it comprises mostly of water and oils. It is great for dry skin. Body butter is the thickest of all three and are best used in extremely dry seasons or for very dry skin. It serves as a moisturiser and sealant. If you have an oily skin, you probably don’t need a body butter. 

Shower Gel / Bathing Soap

Beauty Essentials

These are skin cleansers. Bathing soaps come in bars while shower gels are liquids. They help remove surface dirt, get rid of body odour and the scented ones always leave us smelling pleasant. Some contain essential oils or treatments for some skin problems. A daily bath is enough to maintain a good hygiene. 

Time to check your beauty essentials and stock up on this necessities which should not be ignored. 

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