Getting right into it, we have a list of Denim guidelines and requirements to help you boost your wardrobe. Here are 10 of them.

1. High waist trousers

Denims You need

A great attribute of the high waist trousers is the emphasis it places on the waist and yes, the legs. A crop top over this or a shirt tucked in front gives off that eccentric chic vibe.

2. Shorts

Denims You need

Accentuate your butts with a fitted denim shorts. Perfect for a stay-at-home wear with an oversized shirt or tank top and even better for an impromptu adventurous outting such as hiking or a date with the girls. Could fit right into almost every informal setting depending on how to rock it. A bum short is every girl’s bestfriend. 

3. The flare jeans

Denims You need

The 90s trends keep coming back and we welcome them. Flare jeans have returned but are more fitted this time giving off what we’d call ‘sexy mermaid the land’. Stunning award-winning actress, Priyanka Chopra wore a black flare jeans early this year and we’re still swooning over it. 

4. The short button up skirt

Denims You need

Want to show off legs in a good girl way? Go for a short button-up skirt. It’s perfect for a simple feminine look.

5. The punk jacket

Denims You need

Out for a while or need a cool-kid look? Remember the biker’s leather jacket? Remake it in the denim version – even better! This piece is a favorite amongst lovers of rock music but who says it has to end there?

6. The loose jacket

Denims You need

We all need jackets, so why not get it in denim? Whether worn over a gown or a top, the loose jacket is as versatile as you deem it fit. It can also be a suitable replacement for sweaters during the humid seasons. 

7. Botton-up gown

Denims You need

The ultimate 10-second clothing hack. You don’t necessarily need any add-ons with the button-up gown. Have to speed out in a jiffy? This bad boy has got you covered in seconds! No need figuring out what to wear or what will go with it. Literally any footwear can go with this easy masterpiece! It is also known as a shirt-dress

8. Fitted jeans

Denims You need

Yes. Yes. Show off that hot bud and amazing figure with fitted jeans. This is usually one of the first pieces of clothing everyone owns, it’s the number denim that should never be missing from your clothing. A fitted jeans goes for almost any look; feminine, edgy, formal, classic, androgynous, 90s, etc – you name it. 

9. Dirty jeans

Denims You need

Not as dirty as this sounds. Aiming for an androgynous or tomboyish look? Get yourself a dirty jeans. 

10. Ripped jeans

Denims You need

Saving the best for last, this has been one of the denim trends that refuses to go. You can even turn any of your jeans trousers into a ripped with precise cuts and tears. It takes gut and confidence to flaunt a ripped jeans in grand style. Your go-to for parties and social events, you are definitely getting the stares for its uniqueness. 

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