Now before you get all confused and overly excited at the same time, this is not a post announcing a talent search or something of that nature. It’s just our little brains spinning as usual. The month of February has seen the music maestro and arguably Africa’s most talented producer, Michael Collins popularly known as Donjazzy unveil two new acts (Dija and Reekado Banks -1 week apart) for Mavin Records.

Reekado Banks 

If it were someone else, this would not be an extremely big deal but this is Donjazzy, noted for keeping his musical family tight and not signing people. Whilst he was at Mo-Hits with his former partner Dbanj, they didn’t even use to feature people in their songs. Everything was kept nice and neat in the family.

Now the CEO of Mavin Records, we see a more “ready to mingle” Donjazzy and same can be said for Dbanj. Anyways, we like this recent development and we think DonJazzy’s next Mavin reveal should be a gospel artiste just to make for a more eclectic and diverse mix.. interesting isn’t it?

On his twitter page yesterday, he mentioned he would sign as many as possible, as long as God keeps him as the Don. He even dropped an email add where people can send their demos..

Michael Collins ‏@DONJAZZY  23 hrsFor those still asking where to send demos, pls send to Prite2Mavin@gmail.com also follow @PapaOmisore and @MissFSA THANKS

So what are you waiting for? get to sending that demo right away, who knows? You could be the next Mavin to be activated.

Hey DonJazzy, just in case you read this, hola @ us on email (originalomawumi@gmail.com) or @Glaceng for some consultations, we’ve got some brilliant ideas… hahahahhhaha. this is not a pitch, we promise. LOL

Beautiful Saturday everyone.

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