It turns out that Kanye West doesn’t just know to make platinum selling albums, he also knows how to be a hands-on dad! Kim Kardashian tweeted earlier today that she would be on the Ellen Degeneres show and would be sharing some cute family photos. well, well, we were surprised to see sir Grumperty Grump (Kanye)  himself grinning from ear to ear  in one of the three photos Kim shared.

Kanye happily gives 7 month old baby Nori  a piggy back ride
Kim couldn’t help but gush about her baby, she says Nori is the sweetest baby in the world . judging by her smile in this pic, we agree… 
Too Cute: We rate Kim and Kanye Platinum+++++++++ on this beautiful collaboration.  The fact that the photo was left in all its naturalness;  baby spittle and all, made us love it more!

Kim Kardashian confirmed that although they have not set a date for their wedding yet, it will be a summer wedding for her and her rapper beau. see what she wore to the show.

Kimmy Kakes: Kim was displaying the family ‘jewels’ in this buff combo. 

Photos: Ellen, Instagram/kim Kardashian 
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