Originated from the viral app, TikTok, the #voguechallenge has been a wildfire on the internet in favour of the BLM movement for over two weeks calling for diversity in Vogue. Creative covers from simple to aesthetic artistry, jaw dropping, and beyond mind blowing have been gracing the walls of Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and many more.

One no longer has to dream of being on Vogue cover, instead one can create his own cover in whatever uniqueness or simplicity they deem fit. It has all and sundry thinking far outside ‘the box’ and stepping into the realm of what it feels like to cover a worldwide magazine.

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Vogue could not resist the outstanding creativity that has been on a showcase tagging it “more than just a hashtag”. Vogue Arabia has even done a brilliant collection of #voguechallenge archives; all shades of innovativeness!

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Some creatives have gone away from the common trend and began designing and gracing their own covers of Essence magazine which is ‘a fully black-owned publication’. The magazine embraced the challenge saying, “Black Creatives Are Drenching The Internet In Glorious Melanin With The #ESSENCEChallenge” and posted their favourite covers encouraging audience to create their own covers using the Instagram filter.

Photo credit: @tifenymoreira

Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, Photographers, Fashion Designers, Artists, Bridals, Influencers of all sorts, you name them – literally everybody is on this one and it seems to be the current unism on the internet. There are even some in honour of the late 19-year-old American-Nigerian activist, Oluwatoyin Salau who was found dead after tweeting about her sexual assault.

This is not just a challenge, it is a movement!

Peel some of our favourites from the #voguechallenge and #essencechallenge
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