Lets quickly step away from the hundred or more mothers day we have in a year. Fathers day is upon us. According to the Nigerian calendar, fathers day 2020 falls on 21st June 2020. How are we going to celebrate our fathers and all the important men in our lives?

First of all, they do so much, and deserve to be celebrated and appreciated. As priceless as a mother is, you wouldn’t be here without a father in the equation. So whether you have a present father or not, a caring father or not, there is most likely a man somewhere who means something to you. He might be a mentor, a brother, a son, an uncle, a neighbour, a pastor, an Imam, a friend, a colleague etc.

Fathers’ Day is here again, and it brings the dilemma of what should I buy for my dad or for that special “he”, which means there’s a limited amount of time to snag the best Fathers Day gift. Still, there are a lot of options to consider. Should you go for a classic dad gift and pick out a mug, a sweater, or some golf tees and call it a day? Or should you find something more personal that leans into his favorite activities or fills a need? After all, no two dads are created equal, and that’s especially true when you’re talking about your dad.

There’s something in the mix for every sort of dad and man, from active guys who love swimming, cycling, or to those who are happiest hobbying or mixing up a drink.

Some dads will get amped up over a spicy gift set, while others would love a new pair of sneaks. You know your dad better than anyone, and there are plenty of great gift options in here that are sure to get him excited. Best of all, you already know hell love it because its coming from you.

With that in mind, here are a bunch of different options to help you score the best Fathers Day gift for the dad in your life, whether you’re shopping for your dad, your father-in-law or your partner.
A hammock tied to two trees.

For the dad who loves to kick back, an outfitters hammock would not be a bad idea.

Running shoes

For the dad who logs serious miles, consider getting him some running shoes.

Smoothie Blenders

If he loves or needs his smoothie fix, you can buy a professional blender.

Shaving Kit

If he loves a close clean shave? Then a shaving kit wont be a bad idea.

Throw Blanket

For the days when dad gets chilly, how about a throw blanket?

Water Bottle

If he is a man that’s always thirsty, try buying a water bottle. A water bottle is a great gift idea, and it is a great way for Dad to get his water fix without worrying about things like dehydration, which by the way is bad for his health.


For the dad who is a good cook, or at least loves to cook, you can get him a fryer. And if he is on the industrial or commercial level, get him a deep fryer. Help your dad get his fried food fix in a slightly healthier-than-usual way.

Swim shorts

If he loves to swim, get him a swim short

Ottoman Lounge Chair or a Rocking Chair
A wooden rocking chair

If he loves to be comfortable outside, then an ottoman lounge chair is great. Not every dad or man is into the idea of rolling around in the sand or parking it on the grass for hours, and fair. That’s where a lounger comes in.

Bluetooth Headphones

Be it Dad, brother, friend, husband, boyfriend etc, most men have a special attachment to their headphones, so how about you gift them some.

Whiskey set.

Your dad probably isn’t hitting up a bar anytime soon for his go-to drink, so give him the tools he needs to craft a quality cocktail, especially if he loves a stiff drink. Please do not give this to your son or brother, who is below 18 years of age.

Rechargeable Lantern

With the epileptic power supply in this country, a rechargeable lantern will always come in very handy for him, and this is not dependent on age.

Portable Golf Putting Mat

If he is a lover of golf, he can enjoy hitting a few golf balls in the comfort off his home, since golf courts are still shut down.

Mens hooded Rain Jacket
A man wearing a hooded rain jacket.

If he is one of those men that always forgets to carry an umbrella, or he just hates carrying one, as most men do, how about you buy him a rain jacket to help him keep dry, especially now that the rains have started in earnest.

Slim Leather Wallet

Using the same wallet for many years is great and all, but sometimes you just need to give it up already. Surprise the big man with a classic-style leather wallet that’s sleek, especially if he’s been using the old one for too long and its starting to wear out.

Play Station 5. (PS5)

We doubt there is any man alive right now, who is not obsessed with getting a PS5. So, why not put a huge smile on his face by buying him that magnificent gift of a PS5?

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