We all make mistakes even while caring for our skin, fortunately this article points out regular mistakes you might be making while trying to take care of your skin. Many of us are guilty of Number 9;

1. Not allowing your pores breathe

Skincare Mistakes
Allowing your skin to breath

Sometimes we just need to give our skin a break. All that caking up with makeup, laying with lotions, oils and serums can be hindering your skin health. Giving your skin a break allows it rejuvenate and produce its own natural oils which are essential in sustaining the overall state of your skin. Allow your pores breathe, it may be the solution to that blemish or acne you are battling with tons of products. 

2. Not using products for your skin type

Skin Mistakes

That product you are using which is leaving you less than satisfied may not be for your skin type. Individuals with sensitive skin type are usually more careful about what they use on their skin due to their skin sensitivity. You need to know your skin type before you can know what product is suitable for you. This is to avoid irritations and far from impressive results after using what was supposed to be your breakthrough product. Luckily, many skin care products are labelled with the skin type they are produced for.

3. Exfoliating everyday or not at all

Skin Mistakes 2

We all need to exfoliate regularly but not daily. Exfoliating everyday can irritate your skin, cause tiny injuries and leave it very dry. Not exfoliating at all can lead to clogged pores which will definitely reflect as one form of skin disease or acne. Skin therapists recommend exfoliating two to three times in a week. 

4. Not wearing sunscreen

Skin Mistakes 2

Sunscreen serves as a shield for our skin against harmful UV rays from sunlight which can cause skin cancer, sun burns and premature aging. Many of us with dark skin colour tend to default in using sunscreen forgetting that failure to do so can cause hyperpigmentation with frequent exposure to sunlight. Also please note that sunscreen is not to be worn at night.

5. Changing products regularly 

Skin Mistakes 2

If you are lucky enough to find a skin product that works perfectly for you, do not be in a haste to change it. Changing products regularly can cause you to break out bad. Take for instance, you usually take your bath with hot water and then on a fateful day, when you wanted to bath, switched on the shower and out comes ice cold water! Exactly. That’s how your skin will feel. Shocked and more likely to protest! Introduce new products slowly into your routine – a skin test with first a dab, then once a week, twice and on and on. Till you are certain it works for you. 

6. Always touching your face

Skin Mistakes

Our hands are literally the most prone carriers of germs. We use our hands almost everytime and touches surfaces without being aware of it. This is why we are encouraged to wash our hands regularly and sanitize it frequently.The widespread of COVID-19 has caused us to realise the importance of doing so. That being said, avoid touching your face either unconsciously or as a habit or unnecessarily. 

7. Not drinking enough water

Skin Mistakes - Drink Water
Drink Water

The gospel of water drinking will never come to an end. When you are dehydrated, it shows on your skin same as when you are regularly hydrated. Doctors recommend drinking 8 glasses of water daily. It keeps our system running effectively and will in turn reflect on your skin appearance. 

8. Ignoring skin signals

Skin Mistakes
Touching your face

When ever you see a blackhead, whitehead, blemish, rash, acne, etc – what do you do? Do you try to trace the origin of that new appearance on your skin? Do you try to change a routine, stop a habit or see a doctor? Or do you just ignore it in hopes that it will eventually go away? They could be signals that your body is trying to warn or inform about something going in your body which may turn out for the worse if not attended to. 

9. Ignoring your neck 

Skin Mistakes

Why ignore the pillar of your beautiful face? Your neck needs just as much pamper and care as other parts of your body. The neck also habours dirts quickly- think about all that hair product trickling down to settle on your neck or the sweat that pools there or even your hairstyle helping cage dirts on your neck. When going about your face routine, do not ignore your neck. This is also one of the reasons why some face have a lighter complexion than the neck. 

10. Not changing your pillow and/or cleaning your phone

Skin Mistakes

Objects that come in contact with our face must be clean. These include pillowcases, phone, makeupbrushes, hair scarfs/bonnet, caps, hats, etc. This helps to prevent breakouts and irritations. Wash your pillowcase every two weeks, sanitize your phone regularly, wash your headgears and keep clean always. 

If you are just beginning your skin care journey, be mindful of these mistakes so as to get the results when aiming for that healthy flawlessly glowing skin.

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