It can be really tempting to ignore one’s beauty routine or lifestyle during this period. After all, we are all staying safe at home and ensuring limited movements. This shouldn’t be the case. There’s now alot of time to take good care of yourself and upgrade your self care or continue maintaining it. It actually gets easier at this point. Here are various way to stay fresh and upbeat while practicing isolation in the comfort of your home.

  1. Keep on Moisturising

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Your skin should be your baby during this period. Never stop your usual moisturising routine. Be more conscious of dry areas such as elbows, armpits, feets and hands. Always wash your hands and moisturise them especially after doing chores such as dishwashing.

  1. Smell Great!

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Bath early! Brush your teeth immediately you wake up. Don’t dwell on your early morning stench all day. Take your time while bathing, taking note of areas where dirt settles including behind the ears, underarms, under the butts, inbetween toes and the navel. Bath like a King or Queen. Then go on and use a nice deodorant or scented oils on your skin that will reach the heavenly skies like a pleasing incense.

  1. Tender loving Haircare

Stay Home

It’s time to switch it up with those hairstyles you’ve always wanted to try but was too scared due to the maintenance procedure. Who says you can’t look fabulous within the four walls of your home? Get those braids done, try that crazy idea you’ve always wanted to. Cater to your hair needs now more than ever with proper hair treatments. If you want to be extra – which you should be – dedicate an entire day to treat your hair properly.

  1. Face breathe

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Look glamorous at home for you! Go make up free and allow your face breathe. Be comfortable in your own skin without any additives. Choose a day or two in a week to stay clear of any type of facial treatment. On other days, you can apply your favourite face cream or an essential oil for that face glow. Try a lip balm in place of lipstick for lip moisture and prevention of chapped lips.

  1. Pamper Yourself

Stay Home

This is the perfect time to spoil yourself. Soak yourself in bath – milk bath, espom salt bath, etc and read a book or meditate – leave your phone alone. Exfoliate your skin, try homemade recipe of honey and sugar or whatever exfoliant you prefer. Wear a moisturizing face mask, tone your skin, get a massage, soak your feet in a hot tub, get rid of cuticles, trim your nails, shave and prep your body like you’re about to wed in less than 24 hours. Do all these with your favourite music playlist can be playing in the background or listen to engross yourself in the ambience of your environment

Bonus: Learn home made beauty recipes

Stay Home

Get as creative as you want to be! Whip up some good homemade recipes for your beauty upkeep. Try out those crazy hairstyles ideas you’ve been hoarding. Now more than ever, this is the time to bring forth your beauty ideas to live! Try it out with friends or follow tutorials. Sign up for those online beauty courses you’ve always wanted to. Learn scent formulation, wig making, out-of-the-box makeups, switch up your clothing, just do it!

Make it a target to bounce out of this isolation period looking more beautiful, glowy, learned and undeniably well-groomed.

Stay safe!

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