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Popularly called tech bros, the people in tech have for more than a decade now, been creating lasting solutions. From the times of Bill Gates of Microsoft , Steve Jobs of Apple, to Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and others, the tech space keeps evolving.

The tech guys however do not create these solutions magically. They employ software and modern technologies. And one vital way they do this is through coding. Coding is the method of writing computer language in order to develop apps, websites, pages and software. Put simply, coding is a way of commanding the computer to do something for you.

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Commonly, people who code, or coders, studied computer science related courses in school but now, the table has turned. Stories of people like that of a 16-year old Nigerian senior developer John Oseni, picked up by an Italian firm  is the new norm. Perhaps this is because Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and some others dropped out of school and as such, have created a model for others.

Career transitions to tech is becoming a norm and since tech is the now and the future, in this light, almost anyone can code; a 12- year old or a retiree.  Although there are other jobs in tech such as product design, management, sales, and so on, coding is a vital part of tech. And if you’re interested in a techie, it’s never too late. In fact, in this article, you’d learn how you can easily transition.

Here are some tools that should be in your starter kit if you want to be a techie. 

Get a mentor

A mentor in this case can be anyone. It could be a friend who has a little knowledge of how codes work or a tech guy you follow on twitter. The reason you should get a mentor is for you to understand how coding works. A pointer here, networking there will set you on the right path.


Also, ask these mentors questions. Questions like what programming languages you should learn first, code editors to use and what kind of resources they use.

In addition, ensure they are people you can reach out to regularly to ask more questions.


Coding resources are all over the internet. The coding space is a large one which keeps accommodating tons of people and as a result, resources, courses and lessons are unlimited.

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Take paid courses on Udemy and free ones on YouTube. Download apps like Easy coder for python, w3schools for all kinds of languages, and Grasshopper for HTML.

In addition, keep up to date  with information from sites like TechCabal, TechInsider, Benjamin Dada, and so on. There are contests, and opportunities you can participate in. For example, laptops4dev gifts laptops to beginner developers. 

Join a community 

The tech community in Nigeria alone is a large one. Follow tech founders on social media, then follow some accounts they follow too. 


Other communities to join are BlackGirlsInTech, Dev Career Africa, Google Developers, Forloop, Unstack, and Figma Africa. Not only do these communities provide help, but they also create networking opportunities and organize events. 

Code, Code, Code

The best way to be good at what you do is to practice. Although there are resources, information, community and so on, to help you, the only way you can be great at programming is by practicing.


Dedicate a portion of your time daily to coding, and refer to mentors, courses, and resources when you have questions. And when you’re stuck or feel like giving up, take a break, take a walk, or nap and then return to the table. 

Article written by Sola Tales 

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