Farah Dhukai is a beauty influencer and entrepreneur and the queen of DIY’s. In one of her usual instagram post, she is giving us DIY tips on how to prevent cracking and painful palms especially after following COVID-19 precautions of hand -washing 

“With all the hand washing that were doing to kill any germs that may be on our hands (Please Keep it up and don’t forget to Practice Social Distancing).. idk about you but my hands are becoming rough. They’re so dry and painful and cracking, so I thought id share this easy recipe that you slather on before bed to wake up to nice soft hands.” – She said in her post.

All you need to achieve this solution include;

– Shea butter – 2 Tablespoons 
– Oil of your choice – 2 Tablespoon 
– Aloe Vera (you can skip this if you don’t have it )
– Essential oil of your choice ( You can skip this if you don’t have ). This is just for scent. Add 10 drops
– Whip everything up and transfer to a container.
– Use preferably every night . You can also use this during the day but it is HEAVY so I find it more comfortable to sleep with it on, to wake up to brand new hands

She also mentioned; “I use this on my elbows, knees, feet, Lips…basically anywhere that’s dusty and crackly. I also use this is on my hair.” This is something we all can make use of so, Thank you Farrah!

Video & Recipe – @farahdhukai
Song – Haunted by @imdylanlongworth

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