Success can be considered as one of life’s puzzles, where some people succeed, and others do not. Then again, is it really a puzzle? Success is based on certain principles, and these principles work. However, we understand that there can be extenuating circumstances at play that makes the “playing field” uneven, and these are sometimes beyond our control.

In this article though, we are concentrating on the things that are within your control, and the things which have been proven time and time again to actually work; such as cultivating the right habits, and putting in hard work while being consistent.

Here are 7 success habits you should adopt;

Clearly define your purpose
Personal and Career Success

Your purpose gives you a direction towards where you’re heading in life. Without it, you’ll end up living in someone else’s standards and never living up to your full potential. To get a clearly defined purpose, you need to create a vision in your mind, one you’ll have to follow daily. Your life’s purpose should include details about every aspect of your life. Be sure you truly want these things and not because you’re following a ‘trend’.

Be Goal Oriented
Personal and Career Success;

You need to be a habitual goal setter, and dedicate yourself to working from clear, written goals every day of your life, forming daily habits. All highly successful people are intensely goal oriented. They know exactly what they want, they have it written down, they have written plans to accomplish it, and they both review and work on their plans as a daily routine.

Be Result driven
Personal and Career Success;

Results should be a driving force to achieving your goals. Continuous learning of what you do so you become better at it day after day. Time management is also key in this aspect. This involves setting very clear priorities on what you do and then concentrating single-mindedly on the most valuable use of your time.

Personal and Career Success;

Your ability to master yourself and be able to control yourself is the most important single quality that you can develop as a person. The habit of self-discipline goes hand in hand with success in every area of life. Indiscipline and success don’t dwell together.

Your network is your net worthPorter Gale

Personal and Career Success;

Successful people understand the value of exchanging ideas with others through networking. They also know the value of collaboration and teamwork – all of which are likely when you network. Successful people know the importance of surrounding themselves with other successful people. According to Thomas Corley, 79% of wealthy (successful) people spend at least five hours a month networking. Now, don’t just network, network with the right people.   

Personal and Career Success;

This cannot be overemphasized, success involves reading. Never stop reading. Read everything you can because no knowledge is ever wasted, and you need knowledge to succeed. Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Chimamanda Adichie, Warren Buffett and so many other successful people all over the world have attributed reading as one of the reasons they’ve achieved success and remained successful.

Health consciousness
Personal and Career Success;

A sick body or mind cannot make for success, and this health is one aspect people tend to overlook. Being and staying healthy is paramount and cuts across your diets, eating the right things in the right proportions, how well you exercise and engage in physical fitness activities, and the quality of rest and recreation you employ to stay rejuvenated and keep the creative juices flowing.

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