By this time last year, you were crying and screaming for mercy. Probably thought in your hearts “this too shall pass”… but then, it turned into your deaths as the evil people of Aluu community bludgeoned your four young (18-20yrs) souls to death.
Nothing in this world has shaken me to the core of my being like your deaths my poor boys whom I never met but felt their pain. Four young, lovely boys full of life, plucked out of the world prematurely.

Tekena, Ugonna, Chidiaka and Lloyd, keep resting in heaven where no man can raise a stick or  a stone to hurt you. No more dying in heaven. We pray that the evil ones who killed you are brought to justice and most importantly, may God give your families and loved ones closure. We will never forget #Aluu4 (my heart is broken all over again… *tears*). Jungle justice is never the answer.

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