Its been an age long patriarchal belief that men should  not pay as much attention to their personal grooming like women do. I’m here to tell you that its a LIE. Getting regular cuts, trimming your brows, exfoliating, moisturizing, manipedi etc doesn’t make you a ”sissy”, its a great reflection of you as an individual. Now, you’ve been mandated to sit at home, its not for you to be negligent and turn to a full blown caveman but to avoid being exposed to the corona virus. 

There’s been more information about hand-washing  and things to do while waiting out the pandemic and non on the importance of maintaining grooming even while at home. so, your favourite super mag has taken it upon herself to guide you on how to stay fresh this period. 

Men self care on Glazia

1. Shower twice daily: The pandemic isn’t an excuse to limit the amount of times you bathe per day. Before you go to your office space at home, your couch to play FIFA or Call of Duty, shower first and also before you go to bed. 

2. Brush your teeth twice daily, resist the spirit of laziness to carry an unbrushed mouth around all day or all week.

3. As your barbers are also sitting at home, let this serve as a lesson on the importance of owning your own clipper if-you don’t already. So to avoid letting out your inner Mufasa or Jack Sparrow, you can trim your beards with scissors to avoid covering your mouth, nose and neck.

Men self care on Glazia

4. I cannot over emphasize the importance of moisturizing. I feel i can hear you grumble, sorry to break it to you buddy, the pandemic is not enough reason to be ashy. Moisturizing improves the look and texture of your skin.

5. Don’t be afraid of deodorants. You might say that your colleagues cant perceive your disuse of deodorant from the zoom calls or virtual games but the universe can. So apply deodorants as you would when life was as you knew it.

6. Change your undergarments daily. Don’t scroll past, I’m talking to you, that sniff and wear thing should be abolished from your life forever. As long as its been worn, it should be washed to avoid  infections. So…run along lad!

Men self care on Glazia

7. Lastly, wipe all surfaces and frequently touched stuff with antiseptic or bleach. Always wash your hands each time for 20 seconds under running water and use hand sanitiser, as directed by WHO to repel the corona virus. 

Stay home, but never stay unfresh.

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