Meghan Markle has once again stepped into the limelight, surprising fans with her return to Instagram to unveil her latest venture. The Duchess of Sussex, known for her transition from actress to royal, has introduced her new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, via social media platforms, signaling her reentry into the digital sphere.

The debut of American Riviera Orchard

The debut of American Riviera Orchard was marked by a video posted on Instagram Stories, showcasing Meghan Markle in a kitchen setting and arranging flowers. Alongside, she unveiled the brand’s new logo through a series of grid posts. Bearing the tagline “By Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. Established 2024,” the brand aims to provide a range of lifestyle products catering to everyday needs, from gardening essentials to home decor and food items. Meghan’s inaugural Instagram story showed her engaging in activities such as flower-picking and cooking, set to the soothing melody of “I Wish You Love.”

American Riviera Orchard
Inspiration from Santa Barbara

Drawing inspiration from the scenic locale near Santa Barbara, California, where Meghan and Prince Harry reside with their children, American Riviera Orchard embodies the essence of its surroundings. Santa Barbara, often called the American Riviera, is celebrated for its mild climate, verdant landscapes, and vibrant culinary scene. The brand is currently trademarking to solidify its identity, with Meghan expressing her fondness for the name, which she finds authentic and fitting.

Personal Touch in the Brand’s Logo

The brand’s logo prominently features Montecito, the neighboring community to the Sussexes’ residence, adding a personal touch to its identity. American Riviera Orchard is envisioned as a continuation of Meghan Markle’s past endeavors, including her former blog, The Tig, where she shared culinary experiences, travel insights, and personal reflections, fostering a strong connection with her audience.

Strategic Marketing Approach

Additionally, the brand has secured a spot on the advertising department’s waitlist, enabling effective engagement with its target demographic and anticipation for upcoming product launches.

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