In a remarkable celebration of resilience, innovation, and impactful leadership, Forbes has unveiled its third annual 50 Over 50: EMEA list for the year 2024. Among the extraordinary individuals featured on this prestigious list are two trailblazing Nigerian women who have not only broken barriers but are actively shaping the future across diverse industries. 

Forbes’ 50 Over 50 EMEA List 

Jumoke Adenowo and Kemi DaSilva-Ibru stand tall among the 50 founders, CEOs, humanitarians, and vanguards from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

As the world witnesses a paradigm shift in recognizing the achievements and contributions of individuals in the second half of their lives, these exceptional women exemplify the notion that life’s most successful and rewarding moments can unfold in its later stages. Beyond the borders of Nigeria, other African women have also etched their names on this illustrious list, showcasing the continent’s wealth of talent and leadership prowess.

“While I continue to practice architecture, I have started focusing on raising transformational leaders because that’s what is going to make Africa livable for the next generation…”

Olajumoke Adenowo
Forbes’ 50 Over 50
Jumoke Adenowo

Forbes, in collaboration with KnowYourValue, presents a diverse array of leaders who are not only making waves in traditional sectors but are also influencing unexpected realms like science, fashion, finance, and even the Catholic Church. This list explores the stories of resilience, determination, and triumph as it delves into the accomplishments of these remarkable women who continue to redefine success, proving that age is merely a number on the path to greatness.

Olajumoke Adenowo (55) – Architect-Founder, AD Consulting | Nigeria

Adenowo is an architect by trade but considers herself a polymath. For good reason: She enrolled in university at age 14, founded her global architecture firm AD Consulting at age 25, led the mentorship program “Awesome Treasures” for female leadership for over 20 years, and is an acclaimed author. Since its inception, AD Consulting has been involved in designing and constructing more than 114 projects—including institutional buildings, offices, and residential homes—that have launched Adenowo onto architecture’s global stage. Her latest project is the development of a $880 million housing complex in South Africa. 

Kemi DaSilva-Ibru (54) Physician-Founder, Women at Risk International Foundation | Nigeria

DaSilva-Ibru is an OB-GYN physician who has expanded her reach beyond her examining room. In 2016, she founded the Women at Risk International Foundation (WARIF), a nonprofit aimed at combatting rape, sexual violence and trafficking affecting young girls and women in Nigeria. With 18 full-time staffers and 200 volunteers, WARIF is now DaSilva-Ibru’s full-time job and has impacted the lives of over 3,000 survivors of rape and sexual violence. She is also pursuing a PhD in gender-based violence at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

See the full list of Forbes’ 50 Over 50 HERE

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