Dry skin is usually tight, dull, prone to wrinkles and fine lines. It lacks moisture and cracks easily which may sometimes lead to bruises or bleeding. These characteristics are due to the skin’s low production of sebum; a natural source of moisture for the skin. Some skin areas are naturally drier than others such as the elbows, knees, soles of the feet and under eyes. Some individuals have dry skin because it is naturally dry while others may be suffering from a condition, reaction from using certain products or may have been affected by the weather. 

When caring for dry skin, you need to consider these seven helpful tips for high maintenance:

Gently Cleanse

Tips for dry skin

From the description above, it is apparent that dry skin needs to be handled with tender love and care. Use a hydrating cleanser that is gentle as dry skin can also be sensitive and therefore prone to reactions. Even after cleansing, do not rigorously clean your clean, be gentle with your motions and pressure – recall that dry skin is prone to wrinkles.

Moisturise Damp Skin

Tips for dry skin

Don’t dry out your skin when towelling, leave a few droplets of water here and there before applying your moisturizer. Don’t allow the water dry off on your skin, don’t wait too long before applying your moisturizer. Reason being that you get all that extra moisture needed to save your dry skin from suffering cracks and dehydration. moisturize regularly. 


Tips for dry skin

Even dry skin can harbour dirt and dead skin cells – therefore, require exfoliation. Water soluble acids’ – Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are great for exfoliating dry skin as they also improve the skin’s moisture.  Do not try mechanical exfoliation as they can be very harsh for dry skin.

Moisturising products

Tips for dry skin

Whatever skin product you are shopping for your skin; facemasks, facewash, sunscreens, serums, creams, makeup, etc. always make sure it is formulated for dry skin. Many of such products, usually have hydrating/moisturizing ingredients. Check the ingredient lists to be sure of this. Examples are products that have water label as the first ingredient, contains aloe vera, glycerin, lactic acid, cucumber and among others.

Seal Moisture

Tips for dry skin

Remember that moisture is water and because of this, it can evaporate. So how do you trap moisture on your skin? Seal it. Use skin oils like coconut, sweet almond, avocado or olive oil with or after application of your moisturizing cream. Skin butters such as mango, shea butter are exceptional sealants. 

Warm not Hot Water

Tips for dry skin

When taking a shower, do stay away from scalding hot water, let the water warm or lukewarm instead. This is because hot water dries out oil production of the skin which is needed to prevent skin dryness. If your skin dry and you love hot showers; end the relationship.

Stay Hydrated

Tips for dry skin

Drink water and ingest food with high water content because your water intake reflects on your skin. As you apply moisture externally, do yourself better by infusing moisture from inside out a well. Battle dehydration and dryness from both sides. As stated earlier, water is moisture.

Tips for dry skin

Finally, stay in humidified areas. Purchase a quality humidifier and place in your room to disperse steam during cold seasons or while you sleep. Also tone down your exposure to places with cold temperatures.

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