Professionally speaking, 2020 has brought enormous changes in how many companies do business, at least while Covid-19 is still a serious concern. In the best-case scenario, some companies have been able to function seamlessly in a virtual office setting, with employees working from the comfort of their own homes. In the worst-case scenario, other companies have had to shut their doors permanently, leaving employees jobless and more than a little confused about their next step.

Even as we try get a handle on Covid-19, the changes thus far this year have been so profound. Many companies, as well as countless individuals, have decided simply not to go backwards. Perhaps through trial and error, finding a better way to do business makes more sense than simply going back to the way things were before. So, in process of turning misfortune into opportunity, a lot of individuals are using their professional expertise, hard work, and maybe a little luck, to parlay their experience into a freelance career.


With the technological advancements that exist today, the opportunities to work in a freelance capacity are enormous. There are, of course, the traditional freelance roles that have been around for decades – freelance writers, editors, artists, and transcriptionists; but also, less traditional freelancing jobs, like personal shoppers, home organizers, and wedding consultants. Even jobs that have traditionally been filled as direct hire roles can be accomplished by a freelancer – administrative assistant, call center agent, and data entry. Now, more than ever before, many organizations are rejecting the direct hire approach in favor of utilizing freelance workers to help them meet their business goals.

If you think you are ready to try your hand at a freelance career, here are some tips!

Check out and get your hands-on freelance websites!


Especially in the beginning, working through freelance sites can be incredibly helpful as you build up a portfolio of work, develop relationships with customers, and earn a professional reputation. Job boards, like fiverr, Terraworks and freeciti often have freelance positions listed.

Learn how to market yourself! 


A recent study from BizReport determined that 46% of small businesses in the US do not have a dedicated website! By learning how to build a freelance site for yourself or on a platform, you can best position yourself to take on new opportunities

Get your name out there – Everywhere! 


Social media tools are incredibly helpful especially in these times. Create a LinkedIn page. Use Instagram to market yourself, or build a Facebook page. Most importantly, keep your accounts informative, interesting, and very active. That way, people easily know what you are about and your target audience and clients can connect with you.

Ask for referrals and Reviews…


If you have a happy customer, don’t be afraid to ask for a referral. Check with your family or friends – maybe they know someone who could benefit from your expertise. You can also ask them for reviews. Reviews is an insurance for your next client, good and lots of reviews make you more approachable and trust worthy.

Don’t be afraid to reach out! 


Networking is important. Maintain contact with previous employers, co-workers, and other former business associates. Expand your network whenever and however possible. Ask for introductions, send out emails to introduce yourself and your services.

While starting something new is never easy, a freelance career can be incredibly rewarding. Take your passion, expertise, and professional experience to create something as unique as you.

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