Thank God it’s Friday! But today is not just another Friday, there is more. In 2012, the UN General Assembly established March 20th as the International Day Of Happiness to be celebrated all around the world.

Often times, we find that what makes us unhappy comes deep from within, many of us get so hard on ourselves because of our goals, expectations and wants. It’s no rocket science but you will never know true  happiness until you completely accept yourself for who you are and accept others for being themselves. 
So for today, let down your hair (if you have), put all your worries aside, cue in some good music and be happy. Call up a few friends, go see a movie, have a drink(responsibly) and just be happy!

We Have Created a 2015 Happiness Playlist (just for you)

Waiting to Exhale:                      Whitney Houston
Let It Flow:                                  Toni Braxton
The Way You Make Me Feel:     Michael Jackson
Good Life:                                    Kanye West
Thank God It’s Friday:                 R.Kelly 
Born This Way :                           Lady Gaga
Shake It Off :                               Taylor Swift 
Love on Top:                               Beyonce
Cheers:                                         Rihanna 
HAPPY:                                       Pharrell Williams 
What do you think of our playlist and what songs would you include? 
Be an ambassador of Happiness and share this post. 

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